Satan`s School For Lust (Shock-O-Rama Cinema, USA 2000)

The headmistress lectures her unruly pupil.

Then Bends her over her desk.

And raises her skirt and lowers her knickers

The gorgeous pupil braces herself for a thrashing

The headmistress draws back the crop and gives the whack her all.

WHACK! the crop lands full across the pupil`s bare buttocks.

YOW! that hurt, but she likes it just as much as she hates it.

This film features several strikingly attractive women, and there`s a fair bit of f/f kissing and affection - but spanking enthusiasts like us will be mainly interested in the scene where the school`s beautiful authoritarian headmistress gives one of her beautiful pupils a bare bottom thrashing with a riding crop.

She bends the misbehaving pupil over the desk in her study, lifts her skirt, lowers her knickers, and gives her bare backside a dozen of the best. Actually despite the determined look on the head`s face as she applies the whip, the strokes are actually moderate/firm.

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