Sarah Collins` Schooldays

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Introducing the Gorgeous Sarah Collins in Sarah Collins` Schooldays.

The contents of the DVD are as follows.

Scene 1 - Sarah arrives late for class yet again and having made matters worse by giving cheeky excuses is taken across her teacher`s knee and has her bottom soundly spanked. (Pictures)

Scene 2 - In complete disregard of the rules Sarah decides to eat a sweet in class, then attempts to deny it when confronted by the irrate teacher which earns her an immediate, sound, otk hand spanking. (Pictures)

Scene 3 - After being reminded that calculators are not welcome in the maths class Sarah flouts the rules yet again by attempting to discreetly use one to work out a problem. Needless to say she`s caught and has to come up before the class, bend over the teachers desk and feel six firm strokes of his cane across her bottom. (Pictures)

Scene 4 - Sarah is cought having a cigarette at breaktime by the irrate schoolmaster who sends her straight to his study, bends her over his desk, skirt up knickers down, and administers six strokes of the cane to her bare bottom, much to her displeasure. (Pictures)

Scene 5 - Having previously felt the agony of the schoolmasters cane across her bottom for smoking Sarah this time tries to be more discreet. But a good schoolmaster knows all the tricks and Sarah is caught ciggy handed again and gets six of the cane over her skirt on the spot. (Pictures)

Scene 6 - In a variation of the above scene Sarah this time gets three of the cane over her knickers and sent straight back to school. (Pictures)

Scene 7 - In PE, Sarah, a talented gymnast shows off her agility and flexibility, but the demanding games master detects a bit of laziness in her work and keeps her back after the lesson and gives her a sound otk spanking followed by a stinging ten-whack slippering with the plimsoll. (Pictures)

Scene 8 - Sarah arrives at school looking smart, polo shirt, jumper, pressed trousers, but lets herself down by wearing a pair of white trainers. This of course does not go unnoticed and she`s met at the school entrance by an irrate headmaster who summonds her to his study and gives her ten strokes of the cane across the back of her trousers. (Pictures)

Scene 9 - In a variation of the above scene Sarah is this time sentenced to ten strokes of the cane across her bare bottom which she painfully receives. (Pictures)

Scene 10 - A nosy Sarah Collins sneaks into the headmasters study and decides to have a browse through his briefcase, but unfortunately for her she`s caught in the act. The irrate headmaster, considering this a misdemeanour too far, even by Sarah Collins standards, decides to use his ultimate sanction. He grabs the naughty girl by the ear and leads her straight to an empty classroom, and having lectured her about the error of her ways proceeds to bend her over and administer twelve sizzling strokes of the cane with a run-up. A powerful and atmospheric scene not to be missed. (Pictures)

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