Headmistress Canes Unruly Teen Pupil

Miss Dines in Clear After Girl`s Parents Complain

November, 1976, Cheshire, England

Northwich County Girls` Grammar School Headmistress, Miss Janet Dines, was cleared of assault in court after the parents of teenager, Lynne Simmonds, complained after their daugher had been caned when she was sent to Miss Dines` study for eating crisps in a lesson.

Simmonds, 14, said she was told to lift her dress and bend over, and Miss Dines administered three strokes of the cane which left weals across her bottom.

But during questioning it came to light that the crisp eating incident was the last straw in a series of misdemeanours she`d committed, and the case was thrown out with Miss Dines in the clear.


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