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*Across the Wide Missouri - (USA 1951) Cowboy Clark Gable gives his sexy Red-Indian wife, Maria Elena Marques, a sound otk hand spanking. (enter for picture and text)

Advertisment - (Shape Mousse, UK TV 2002) An attractive Oriental lady administers six of the best with tied-together reeds to a lady lying face down on a bench. (enter for pictures and text)

Arigato Sensei - (JAP 1990) A schoolteacher spanks an unruly mother. (enter for picture and text)

Beauty and the Bandit - (USA 1946) Gilbert Roland spanks Ramsay Ames across his knee, first with his hand and then with a piece of wood. (enter for pictures and text)

Blue Hawaii - (USA 1961) Rock legend Elvis Presley spanks Jenny Maxwell. (enter for picture and text)

*By The Sword Divided - (BBC TV UK 1983) Lucy Aston bend over for seven hard strokes of the cane from her father for refusing an arranged marriage. (enter for picture and text)

Bluebeard's Eighth Wife - (USA 1938) Gary Cooper administers an otk spanking to Claudette Colbert. (enter for picture and text)

Big Valley - (ABC-TV 1965) Claude Akins gives Linda Evans a spanking during an argument over land. (enter for pictures and text)

Blind Date - (USA TV 2001) After agreeing that the loser of a table-tennis match gets spanked with the bat/paddle, Kristi has to bend over the table for 3 swats from Anthony. (enter for pictures and text)

Bonanza - (NBC-TV 1964) Lorne Greene gives Anjannette Comer a sound otk spanking. (enter for pictures and text)

Brothers - (USA TV 1984) Robert Waldren takes Gail Edwards across his knee in this introduction scene. (enter for pictures and text)

Bunker Bean - (USA 1936) Owen Davis jr spanks Louise Latimer. (enter for pictures and text)

Brides of Christ - (Australia 1985) Two teenage schoolgirls get a spanking with a ruler from a nun. (enter for picture and text)

Boobs in the Wood - (UK 1999, Vision Video) During a schoolroom scene Christie Goddard is caned 4 times by Dave Lee. (enter for pictures and text)

Captain Lightfoot - (USA 1955) Rock Hudson spanks Barbara Rush. (enter for pictures and text)

Cattle Annie and Little Britches - (USA 1980) The sheriff puts a cowgirl in her place by giving her bottom a firm spanking. (enter for picture and text)

Cheerleader Autopsy - (Sub Rosa Studios, USA 2004) A group of cheerleaders get a paddling from their coach for being late for the bus. (enter for pictures and text)

The Cisco Kid - (USA TV 1950) Duncan Renaldo spanks Gail Davis otk. (enter for picture and text)

Comic Relief - (UK TV 2003) Ulrika Jonsson bends over for a public spanking from Harry Enfield. (enter for pictures and text)

Cosas de Casados - (Mexico TV 1984) Leticia Perdigon gets her bottom spanked by her husband during a domestic squabble. (enter for pictures and text)

Cul-de-Sac - (England 1966) Francoise Dorleac`s backside feels the sting of Lionel Stander`s belt. (enter for picture and text)

Cross My Heart - (USA 1945) Sonny Tufts administers a spanking to Betty Hutton. (enter for pictures and text)

1001 Danish Delights - (Denmark 1973) Axel Strobye gives Lona Hurtz`s backside a sound spanking. (enter for picture and text)

Donovan`s Reef - (USA 1963) John Wayne spanks Liz Allen`s backside hard. (enter for pictures and text)

Doctor at Large - (UK 1957) Dirk Bogarde spanks a lady otk who`s playing up in his surgery. (enter for pictures and text)

Dos Pistolas Gemelas - (Spain 1962) Twin sisters are punished, Sean Flynn spanks Pili and Jorge Rigaud spanks Mili. (enter for pictures and text)

Das Schwarz Weite Rote Himmelbett - (Germany 1962) Karl Schonbock takes Dalia Lavi across his knee and spanks her. (enter for picture and text)

Diary of forbidden dreams - (Italy 1973) Marcelo Mastroianni gives Sydne Rome`s behind a whacking with a switch. (enter for pictures and text)

Die Bruchpiloten - (Germany 1974) An attractive young lady gets her bottom spanked by her boyfriend for wrecking his car. (enter for pictures and text)

Dottie gets Spanked - (USA) A young boy who shows an obvious interest in spanking wins a trip to the set of his favourite TV show, and the scene features his favourite female TV star being spanked. (enter for pictures and text)

Dortoir des Grandes - (France 1984) Maureen Legrand spanks Veronique Catanzaro`s bare backside. (enter for pictures and text)

The Dean's Wife - (USA) The Dean takes his belt to his wife`s bare backside. (enter for pictures and text)

El Charro y la Dama - (Mexico 1959) Pedro Armendariz firmly spanks Rosita Quintana`s backside. (enter for pictures and text)

Everything`s on Ice - (USA 1939) Edger Kennedy spanks Lynne Roberts in response to her telling him "I`ll show you who`s running this family." (enter for pictures and text)

The Fabulous Señorita - (Republic 1952) Robert Clarke puts Estelita Rodriquez across his knee. (enter for picture and text)

The Female Animal - (USA 1958) George Nader gives Jane Powell a spanking. (enter for picture and text)

The Fearless Vampire Killers - (USA 1967) A hotel landlord spanks his daughter (Sharon Tate). (enter for pictures and text)

Flying Down to Rio - (USA 1933) Gene Raymond spanks Dolores Del Rio. (enter for pictures and text)

Flame of Araby - (USA 1951) Jeff Chandler takes a whip to Maureen O'Hara`s backside. (enter for picture and text)

Frontier Gal - (USA 1945) Rod Cameron spanks Yvonne DeCarlo hard. (enter for pictures and text)

Frank and I - (UK 1983) Christopher Pearson canes the bare backside of Jennifer Inch. (enter for pictures and text)

The Footloose Heiress - (USA 1937) Craig Reynolds spanks Ann Sheridan. (enter for pictures and text)

Girl Shy - (Harold Lloyd Corp./Pathé, 1924) Harold Lloyd slipper`s Jobyna Ralston`s backside. (enter for pictures and text)

The Happy Valley - (UK TV 1989) Holly Aird is caned across her backside twice, and is also whipped on the backside with a rhino hyde whip. (enter for pictures and text)

Holiday for Lovers - (USA 1959) Carol Lynley gets her behind firmly spanked by Gary Crosby. (enter for picture and text)

The Half Way House - (UK 1944) Richard Bird spanks Valerie White`s behind with a large bath brush. (enter for pictures and text)

Husbands and Lovers - (Italy 1991) Tcheky Karyo spanks Joanna Pacula`s bare backside. (enter for pictures and text)

The Howard Stern Show - (USA TV 1990`s) Howard Stern gives two beautiful young ladies an over-the-knee spanking. (enter for pictures and text)

Hot Pepper - (USA 1933) Victor McLaglen gives Lupe Velez a sound otk spanking. (enter for picture and text)

Hollywood Babylon - (USA 1971) A middle-aged man takes his young lover across his knee and spanks her bottom soundly. (enter for picture and text)

Hvis lille pige er du? - (DEN 1963) Dirch Passer gives Ghita Norby an otk spanking. (enter for picture and text)

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