The Spanking Implements

The Cane - A traditional implement of English school discipline, banned in state schools in the UK in the late 1980`s but was still used legaly in selected public schools until the total ban in 1998. Used mostly on boys in UK schools but plenty of girls have had it as well, is administered to palms or buttocks. In 1996 the then British Education Secretary Gillian Shepherd wanted to restore the cane into schools but the then Prime Minister John Major said no straight away. The campaign continued with Major eventually agreeing to let Parliament have a free vote but told his party members to back him which most of them had to do, it was voted 3 to 1 not to bring it back. At the time several of the newspapers held their own poles and in all of them the majority of the readers voted that they would like to see the cane restored to schools.

The Slipper - Probably the second most traditional implement of English school discipline and a popular domestic spanking implement administered mainly to the buttocks. The school slipper was usually an old gym shoe or plimsoll. Many schools favoured slippering girls ahead of caning them probably due to it being less severe in terms of the pain and the marks.

The Paddle - A traditional implement of American school discipline which is still used in about half of the states in America. It is an implement administered to the buttocks only due to its design. The paddles vary in length, width, and thickness, some paddles also have holes drilled into them for a faster delivery of the swat resulting in more pain and damage.

The Belt - This is a very popular implement for domestic discipline. The belt would usually be doubled over or wrapped buckle end around the hand and administered to the buttocks.

Razor Strop/Strap - I don`t know much about this implement. I would guess that it`s mainly an American domestic discipline implement along the lines of a strap/tawse/belt. Administered to the buttocks only I should think.

The Tawse - Very popular implement for scottish school discipline before corporal punishment was banned in state schools in the UK. Mostly administered to the outstretched palm but used on the buttocks as well. Was commonly used on girls in scottish schools. (enter for demonstration picture)

The Strap - Similar in its use to the strop, tawse, and belt, all three of which can be reffered to as straps. Equally common for domestic use as well as school use, administered to buttocks or palms of the hand.

The Birch - Formerly used in selected schools and for judicial punishments, also used domestically. Usually administered to the bare buttocks as it`s affect is greatly reduced over clothing. Probably not too many of these around now, it`s a rather old fashioned type of implement, Victorian times spring to mind.

The Hairbrush - Regarded largely as a domestic spanking implement but was used in some schools usually on younger pupils or girls. Administered to the buttocks usually with the flat side but not unheard of to be applied with the bristled side as well.

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