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Queen Elizabeth I - (contributed by Ethos) - At the age of 15 the English Monarch was spanked by Seymore. He would run in to her bedroom, remove her bedclothes and spank her bare buttocks according to David Starkie`s biographical book & tape. (Confirmed)

Reba McEntire - (contributed by Jan) - In her biography, the country singer tells about growing up in the American West, riding horses, and helping her father with the cattle. She states that he kept a buggy whip over the door which when needed he: "Would snap across our behinds." In another part of the book she said she was once asked if she resented her father`s whippings and replied that she didn`t. (Confirmed) I haven`t read Reba`s biography, but heard her talk of receiving spankings with a buggy whip on a TV interview.

(contributed by Henry) - Reba Mcentire was taken to the Woodshed as a youngster. (SF&R Comment) "Taken to the woodshed" is a term originated in the American South, meaning a child is taken out to the woodshed for a spanking.

Reese Witherspoon - (contributed by A Source) - The American actress was given over-the-knee spankings by her father when she misbehaved while growing up. She also received `swats` at school in Nashville, Tennessee for misbehaviour. (SF&R Comment) No confirmation of this as yet. The word "Swats" is an American term for spanks to the buttocks with a flat wooden board (paddle) - not uncommon in southern USA schools.

Rebecca Front - (contributed by Paul A) - On one of those comedy review of the week's news type programmes`, possibly Good Week, Bad Week or If I Ruled The World, when corporal punishment was made illegal in private schools in 1998. A couple of male comedians were the hosts and British comedienne Rebecca a guest. They did a bit of banter about Tory MPs voting against spanking being like turkeys voting for Xmas, etc, and then discussed it quite sensibly. The interesting bit is the girl was the one who had had it. "Yeah," she said, quite irate/rueful - indignant is probably the best word - "I had a real pants-down spanking". The reason was for bringing a coconut to school! Because everybody couldn't afford one, it was seen as socially divisive! "Blimey" one of the male comedians said quite aptly "who was the headmaster, Stalin? Did he use his hand?" "no" she said quite softly "I had the cane". A rare example of left-wing use of CP. (Enter for Picture)

Rolonda Watts - (contributed by Michael) - The American talk show host mentioned on one of her shows that her mother used to spank her with a belt.

Ricky Lake - (contributed by Thomas) - During a talk show, when the subject of spanking was raised, the American actress/talk show host mentioned that she received some spankings while growing up but gave no more detail.

(contributed by no name) - Ricki Lake did a show on spanking. She was very against it but did say she was spanked as a child.

Rosalind Russell - (contributed by RG) - The actress wrote in her book, Life is a Banquet, that she got spanked with a hairbrush by her mother.

Rosalynn Carter - (contributed by RG) - Wife of former US president Jimmy Carter was spanked by her mother Allie Smith growing up. This was mentioned in a magazine interveiw with Allie Smith about 1977.

Sharron Davies - (contributed by Jack) - In an Olympic preview magazine, August 2004, I think in The Daily Telegraph, it had profiles of great British Olympians, including swimmer Sharron Davies. This is not the exact text of what she said, but close to it. "Competing at such a high level at such a young age was hard. I didn`t have time for a normal teenage life. I was in the pool first thing in the morning and again after school every day. My dad was tough, he kept me hard at it. I remember one time I told him we had to stay late at school to rehearse for the Christmas show, just so I could have a few hours to go to the shops with my friends and be a normal kid. Of course he found out I lied and gave me the hiding of my life, but that was his way." (Enter for Pictures)

(contributed by Markoshka) - In a newspaper article on the subject of corporal punishment, the British former olympic swimmer said that she was spanked growing up, and the cane was used for serious offences. (SF&R Comment) No direct confirmation of this, but Sharron did attend Plymstock School, Plymouth, in the 1970`s - which used the cane, although she may be reffering to domestic discipline here.

Shirley Boone - (contributed by RG) - The wife of Pat Boone and mother of Debbie Boone, was spanked by her father, country singer Red Foley, and by her mother growing up. This was written in her biography.

Sara Stimson - (contributed by RG) - In a TV/Movie magazine (un-named, approx 1980) article about the American actress and former child star, it mentioned that she was spanked by her strict mother growing up. Sara was taught to be well mannered and say "Sir" and "Ma`am" to adults. One day while out shopping when she talked back to her mother she took Sara across her knee, bared her bottom, and spanked her there and then in the store.

Sarah Ferguson/Duchess of York - (contributed by Wolfgang) - I remember an article in a magazine or newspaper mention that the Duchess was caned at school. She joked something like: `My bum is too big, maybe that`s because I was caned at school`.

Sarah Michelle Gellar - (contributed by A Source) - The American actress - Buffy the Vampire Slayer - was spanked over her mother`s knee when she misbehaved until the age of 17. In her youth she was also a talented skater, and rumour has it that her coach spanked her and other girls in the group when they showed up late for training or performed badly.

(contributed by Dave) - Sarah Michelle Gellar was spanked as a child. She said on a TV interview that when she was really bad her parents would occasionally put her over their knee and spank her with a wooden spoon.

Sarah Hughes - (contributed by Todd) - During a radio interview with the American international figure skater she talked of a row she`d had with her coach during a training session, and added: "Mum told me later that she wasn`t very happy with what I said and I ended up getting a sore bottom over it."

(contributed by Katie) - In a radio interview in New York with the American figure skater, she was talking about an argument the day before the final program at this years (2002) olympics. She apparently insulted her coach and said later that night `I got paddled by my mom for it.`

Sarah Silverman - (contributed by RR) - The actress/comedian mentioned being spanked while growing up on Colin Quinn`s Show. She also jokingly said that the spankings she`d had as a youth made her enjoy being spanked as an adult.

Sheila Walsh - (contributed by Cinndunc) The American author, speaker, worship leader, television talk show host and Bible teacher recalled being spanked growing up in her autobiography, Honestly. On page 34 she describes a time when she had drawn on her bedroom wall, and added: "When Mom came in to see me, she spanked me on my sit-upon for what I had done and for trying to enlist my brother to conceal my crime."

Shelly Long - (contributed by Ozman) - In a magazine or newspaper article, The American actress, best known as Diane in Cheers, said that her spankings from her father were very ritualistic. She would be sent upstairs to fetch a hairbrush, when she came back downstairs he would be sitting on a dining chair in the middle of the living room. She would have to give him the brush, bare her bottom and bend over his knee. Her father would then spank her while counting the spanks out loud.

Shirley Jones - (contributed by ciscoman) - The American actress was spanked by her mother, apparently envious of her success, according to a biography film on A&E.

Shania Twain - (contributed by Deb) - In an article in Redbook Magazine, December 2002, the Canadian singer mentioned the strappings she and her siblings used to receive. (Confirmed)

Sophia Coppola - (contributed by Ozman) - In a magazine or newspaper article, Film director Francis Ford Coppola mentioned once that his daughter Sophia (who starred in The Godfather 3, and is now a director in her own right) needed an occassional spanking.

Soledad O'Brien - (contributed by RG) - On NBC's Today show a few months back, after a feature on child rearing, the male host asked co-hostesses Ann Curry and Soledad O'Brien if they had ever been spanked as kids... Ann said "Oh, yeah"! Soledad also said "Yes".

Shelley Winters - (contributed by RG) - In her autobiography "Shelley", the actress recalls severe spankings from her parents.

Susie Nelson - (Contributed by RG) - The country singer, daughter of singer Willie Nelson, mentions in her book, Heartworn, That her father once spanked her after he`d sent her out to call her brother in for dinner, but she stayed out and played instead. Susie and her brother were both spanked for it.

Sue Pollard - (contributed by Ethos) - In a Biography the British actress tells of a time she was spanked by a man she had a crush on when she was 18.

Sue Barker - (contributed by Bert) - In a magazine article a few years back, it was mentioned that the British former tennis star, now TV presenter, was spanked by her coach with her own racket.

Susanna York - (contributed by OTK999) - In a newspaper article, the British actress recalled being punished with the strap several times when she attended Marr College in Scotland. (Confirmed)

Selina Scott - (contributed by OTK999) - On a breakfast TV programme many years ago after a report on school corporal punishment, the male co-presenter said that while they were off camera Selina had admitted being smacked at school.

Sarah Miles - (contributed by Fozzy) - In her autobiography, Right Royal Bastard, the actress went into some detail about how her mother used to spank her bare behind with a hairbrush when she was a child. (Confirmed)

Susan Lucci - (contributed by Raymond) - Most people know Susan Lucci (famous character Erica Kane on the television soap "All My Children"). She has been spanked many times on this TV series. Many years ago I read an interview given by Susan. She admitted that she had been titillated by the spankings. She further admitted that she had flubbed the rehearsed spanking scene several times in one such eposide and, in order to punish her, the spanker had given her a hard, real spanking during the filmed scene.

Susan Hayward - (contributed by John-John) - Biography: Portrait of a Survivor, Susan Hayward, by Beverly Linet, Berkley Pocket Book (1980) Jess Barker (husband) admitted to spanking her in divorce proceedings. (page 161 & 163) Hayward: "My body was covered with bruises, mostly on my butt."

(contributed by Henry) - Susan Hayward was spanked by her husband, Lex Barker.

Suzannah Lessard - (contributed by Mike) - In her excellent book, The Architect of Desire, the American writer describes a childhood spanking she received from her mother: (Suzannah and a friend had been caught by the local policeman playing a fairly harmless trick on two old ladies that lived in the village). `The upshot was only that I had to go and apologize to the the old ladies - not such an easy task for me at that age. My father stood by me, not only going with me but, when we were there, refusing to endorse the old ladies’ more extreme statements about my character and probable future. And then, when we had returned to the Red Cottage, he took me into the laundry and took down my jeans and underpants and hit me over and over. This may have been the first time since our return from Rome. Certainly it was the first time for a long time, for I had grown too old to spank.`

Sheryl Crow - (contributed by Stephanie) - I have heard a story about rock singer Sheryl Crow (although I cannot confirm it). I heard she grew up in southern USA and was paddled by her high school track coach several times.

(contributed by Terry) - I have heard that singer Sheryl Crow mentioned in an interview that she was paddled while a high school student in Missouri.

Sharleen Spiteri - (contributed by Joseph) - In an interview with Q Magazine a couple of years back, Scottish singer Sharleen Spiteri, of Texas, mentioned that she received two strokes of the belt at school when she was 14. (SF&R Comment) Sharleen did get the belt at least once at school, for playing up in a music lesson ironically.

(contributed by RCB) - The Lead singer of Texas was spanked often by her dad growing up. On the Frank Skinner Show she mentioned it as a reason for rushing home, to avoid lateness, which led to her hurting herself, arriving home late and receiving no sympathy from her angry dad.

Sophie Raworth - (contributed by James) - On the BBC 1 Breakfast News there was a debate over whether England should follow the Scottish parliament to consider banning parents from smacking children under 3. (British) Presenter Sophie Raworth was interviewing an anti-spanker and one of her questions ran along the lines of "Does it matter? I mean most of us were spanked - I was spanked by my father when I was eleven for swearing."

Sophie Ellis Bextor - (contributed by Jack) - The british pop star was spanked on several occassions by her mother, TV presenter Janet Ellis. On the talk show 'The Wright Stuff' the topic of conversation turned to spanking and Janet Ellis, who was one of the guests, said: "I've smacked all of my children several times". (SF&R Comment) Janet Ellis did smack her daughter Sophie when she misbehaved growing up.

Sally Magnuson - (contributed by Joseph) - I recall seeing a lunchtime chat show several years ago where tv host Sally Magnuson revealed how she and her sister had to bend over for a spanking from her dad.

Samantha Janus - (contributed by Scom) - In a newspaper article a few years ago, the British actress spoke about the short time she spent living in Edinburgh, Scotland, during her childhood. She said she loved the city but didn't like her school. She said: "I was often caned across the back of my legs for talking in class". Presumably she attended a private school as she would have received the tawse at a state school in Edinburgh.

Samantha Fox - (contributed by JD) - one of my friends mentioned reading in one of the men's magazines from the late 80`s that the British model/singer was allegedly something of a prankster and sometimes the pranks would get out of hand --- and one of her parents would spank her bare bottom with the wooden back of a larger than average hairbrush.

Stella McCartney - (contributed by BW) - Stella confessed at the end of an article in Nova Magazine that she always kept a pot of spanking cream by her bedside.

Stephanie McMahon - (contributed by Mike) - The daughter of WWE owner Vince McMahon, and a participator in the Federation, admitted on a Raw show that her dad spanked her profoundly.

(contributed by Jack) - The daughter of WWE Wrestling boss, Vince McMahon, was spanked according to veteran Wrestling commentator Jim Ross. In an interiew with an American wrestling magazine, he said that her on-screen persona was quite different to her in real life. "She comes across as a spoiled brat, who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and had always had everything her own way. I don't think that could be further from the truth. She was brought up like a normal kid and always respected people. I'm sure she was taken to the woodshed a few times over the years as well." (SF&R Comment) "Taken to the woodshed" is a term originated in the American South, meaning a child is taken out to the woodshed for a spanking.

Sara Cox - (contributed by Joe) - On her radio program Sara told of an incident when she said something cheeky to her mum when she was younger and said her mum "went mental on my arse."

Tai Babilonia - (contributed by RG) - I read somewhere skating coach Mrs Fairbanks, who coached US pairs skaters Randy Gardner and Tai Babilonia back in the 1980's and 90's, say: "I spanked them many times, but they worked hard."

Terry Farrell - (contributed by James R) - When Terry was 16 years old, she was invited by The Elite Model agency to come to New York City to become a model. Terry's mom had to stay back home in Iowa to raise Terry's 4 sisters. But even so, her mom did not really want Terry living in New York, and at first would not agree to let Terry stay in New York. Shortly after arriving in New York, Terry was befriended by a New York music teacher, a man in his 30's (this man was not Terry's music teacher, just someone who taught music for a living). Terry said that he was very kind to her and that he wanted absolutely nothing in return. They quickly became best friends and he became like a big brother to her. He was the one who encouraged Terry to study acting. Terry's mom would only agree to let Terry stay in New York if this teacher would act as her guardian. Her mom then gave Terry a complete set of rules which she had to follow, such as the time she had to be home by at night. It was up to the teacher to enforce these rules. Terry said that he was a very strict disciplinarian and that on several occasions when she did not follow her mom's rules, he put her across his knee and soundly spanked the seat of her jeans with a hairbrush. The article also mentioned that Terry and the music teacher still remained very good friends.

Tonya Harding - (contributed by Jennie) - I recall hearing something about tonya harding`s mother spanking her with a hairbrush quite often into her late teens.

(contributed by Rob) - I watched a documentary on TV once about Tonya Harding and it did say that she was spanked by her mother with a hairbrush until she was about 15 or 16. Her mother used to do it in the locker room or restrooms at skating competitions if tonya misbehaved. (SF&R Comment) Tonya Harding was spanked by her mother although I cannot confirm as yet the particular circumstances stated above.

Toni Tenille - (contributed by Libctr) - The singer mentioned in a TV interview that she was switched as a youngster. She grew up in Southern USA and she said that her parents would tell the housekeeper to go out and cut a switch off a tree.

(contributed by JS) - Toni told Barbara Walters in a TV interview that her mother used to switch her and her sisters.

Tanya Tucker - (contributed by Jan) - In the American country singer`s biography titled, Tanya, the writer Ace Collins states that Tanya`s father Beau had to `spank her from time to time.`

(contributed by Jan) - In her most recent biography, "Nickel Dreams," Tanya states directly and cites a couple of instances (but not descriptions) of being spanked. (Enter for Biography Text) also contributed by Jan. (Confirmed)

Tiffany - (contributed by Darren) - the 80's teen singer, Tiffany, it was reported was spanked by her step-father.

Vanessa Paradis - (contributed by Varmint) - During an Italian gameshow in March 98, Vanessa mentioned that her father had once hauled her into the bathroom on a train from Paris to Nice, lifted her skirt, and gave her 5 or 6 decent swats. The reason was because Vanessa (14 at the time) had snuck a beer from the food vendor, lying about her age (which should have been 16). This wouldn`t have been so bad apparently, except that she had insured service by pointing out that her father could buy the train if he wanted to. As she put it: `I said, if that`s not enough, maybe my father should make some investments here!` The worst part? The look on everyones face when she came out.

(contributed by Jack) - A few years ago in the French magazine Salut!, a sort of Hello or OK type magazine, there was an interview with Vanessa just after the birth of her first child. She was talking about parenthood and her own parents, and said: (text not exact) "I hope I can be more patient than my father was with me. He liked to be in charge an at times would not listen to reason. Like when I was naughty he would always punish first and ask questions later. I would rather talk to my children before doing anything, you know, you can't take back a spanking once it's done."

Vanna White - (contributed by firmhand) - I remember a few years ago hearing that Vanna White of Wheel of Fortune fame was quite a handful in school and made a number of trips to her principal's office and felt his paddle.

Virginia Wade - (contributed by fiona) - In her autobiography the British former tennis star describes being punished by her father with a whip.

Virginia Bradford - (contributed by anonymous) - The silent movie star was undressed and spanked by her husband after he caught her in an affair. Here is the quote from her autobiography: "At home, I told him what a fool he had made of himself and laughed at him and he leaped at me and tore off my clothes. Then he turned me across his lap and spanked me. The spanking made me furious."

Victoria Principal - (contributed by RG) - The American actress mentioned in a biography that her father spanked her twice or 3 times in her life.

Vanessa Williams - (contributed by Cinndunc) - In an interview in the April 1996 issue of Sister2sister magazine, the American actress and former Miss America mentioned: `My dad spanked me once`.

Wynonna Judd - (contributed by Tracey) - Wynonna was spanked by her uncle on the side of a road for being mean to her sister, this is described in Naomi Judd`s book, Love Can Build a Bridge`.

Whitney Houston - (contributed by Jan) - Whitney`s mother Cissy`s biography yielded two things. First, there are several references to her own spanking experiences. Secondly, she provides a very strong probable for Whitney, her daughter. She says that she told her husband John that she wanted him to be the "softie" among the two parents so that when she "whipped the butts" of the kids they would have someone to go to. It doesn't explicitly state that Whitney was spanked so there's no official direct reference for her in this book, but it's about as close as you can get otherwise.

(contributed by Michael) - On Biography (a show on A&E) Whitney Houston's mother commented that Whitney got  her last and most severe spanking at 16.

(contributed by anonymous) - In an interview in the June 1990 issue of Ebony magazine, Whitney speaks of her mother and father: "He was a gentleman. But he was my dad, and when he got mad and laid down the law, we all abided by it." Whitney said that like any other child, she was indeed disciplined, usually by her mother. "My father spanked me once and slapped me once," she says with laughter. "I was running off at the mouth. I should have stopped while I was ahead, but I didn`t." (Confirmed)

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