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Anne Robinson - (contributed by A Source) - During an interview, the British TV presenter spoke about her days at a convent boarding school in England, and her rebellious streak, especially from the age of 14, resulting in frequent visits to the Headmistress` study for canings across her bare buttocks. She added that her insistance to stretch the limits meant she was sometimes punished more than once a day.

(contributed by Nigel) - I recall British TV presenter Anne Robinson recalling her schooldays with regular visits to her headmistress for the cane. She was educated at a convent boarding school.

Anne Heche - (contributed by Larry) - I recently brought the book "Call me Crazy" by Anne Heche the American actress. Below are excerpts - This happened when Anne was 8.

(After $4 were taken from her mother`s dresser) Dad went to his closet and pulled out a belt. He rarely used belts, but on this occasion, I suppose they decided it was necessary to use something stronger than a wooden spoon. We were instructed to pull down our pants and lean over the bed one by one. The plan that they came up with was that Dad was going to hit us with the belt until one of us admitted to stealing the money. We would each get whacked three to five times, depending on what we didn`t know, and then have to stand and watch the others get hit until it was our turn again. I think Nathan was the first in line because they thought he was guilty and would confess. Abi was next and then me. We slowly pulled down our pants and held our breath as we leaned over the bed, one after another, time after time, hit after hit. The more times we leaned over, the harder the hits got. Nathan was trying so hard not to cry or scream out, but Abi and I couldn`t help ourselves. We were bawling at each hit.

Also stated in the book was that when Anne was nine she met a boy named David, 12, in church and exchanged notes with him which were found by her parents. She received a spanking from her father with a wooden spoon for this.

Anne Diamond - (contributed by IanC) - In the mid 1990s the British TV presenter`s life was serialised in one of the national newspapers (possibly The Mirror). She mentioned that during her teenage years her father took her across his knee and spanked her bottom when she misbehaved, and added that she`d deserved to be spanked, it did her more good than harm, and other teen girls like her should get the same treatment.

Annabel Giles - (contributed by Paul A) - The Posh-voiced English TV personality was on a radio chat show I was listening to a few years ago with Nicholas Parsons. He was lamenting the decline in child discipline, and said: "I used to be put across the knee or given the slipper" and Annabel said: "Crikey, yes so was I" (she didn't say which, being put across the knee, given the slipper or both). The smacking, whatever it was, was done by her father in her bedroom for being rude to guests. He waited till they'd gone and Annabel said she felt better about it because it was done in a calm way after the event.

Antonia Fraser - (contributed by Peter) - In a radio interview I heard about 20 years ago. Lord Longford and his wife Elizabeth, the historian and writer, were asked how they disciplined their large brood of children, by then all grown up, of course. Lady Longford replied that her husband had been rather easy going, but that she had been “the one to reach for the hairbrush.” From this we may infer that Lady Antonia Fraser, the historical writer and novelist, was spanked as a child. Also, isn’t the actress Rachel Billington one of the Longford offspring?

In Antonia Fraser’s crime novel “Quiet As A Nun” a schoolgirl is threatened with a spanking by a nun schoolteacher which may be rather indirect evidence for Antonia’s own schooldays.

Ali MacGraw - (contributed by A Source) - The American actress talks in some detail in her biography about the fact she was spanked at home and at school. She says that if you were ever spanked at school and your parents found out, they`d spank you again when you got home.

(contributed by Jan) - The actress mentions in her biography that she was spanked by her parents. (Confirmed)

Annie Jones - (contributed by Ozman) - In a magazine or newspaper article, recalling her childhood, the Australian actress who played the character Jane Harris in the early days of neighbours told of what would happen if she misbehaved in public. If she misbehaved she would get a single hard slap on the leg, this was a warning. If she misbehaved again she would get a slap on the other leg, which would indicate that she would get a 'proper' spanking when she got home.

Ann Miller - (contributed by Bruce) - Film star and dancer Ann Miller, on page 199 of her autobiography Miller's High Life, recalled the conclusion of her divorce case against Arthur Cameron. Once the terms had been agreed upon, she and Cameron were back in the chambers of the judge, Edward R. Brand, an old friend of hers and Cameron's. Her former husband suddenly swept her off her feet and over his knee and spanked her while the judge looked on.

Anne Lorne Gillies - (contributed by Bruce) - The scottish singer explains in her biography two occasions when she was told to hold out her hand for the strap at school, once from a male teacher and another from a female teacher.

Ann-Margret - (contributed by Jan) - Life Magazine snapped a shot of the TV/Movie actress` uncle giving her a spanking at a rehearsal or some such that she was at when she was about 18-20. They publicised this picture, so it should be something which can be looked up if an archive copy of the magazine can be found. (Confirmed)

(contributed by Lonny) - Ann-Margret the stunning actress, dancer and entertainer since the early 60's was taken otk by her Uncle. The picture was captured and shown in the Jan 27th, 1961 issue of Life magazine. (Enter for Magazine Picture)

(contributed by A Source) - During a radio interview some years back, the actress was asked about the picture in Life Magazine of her being spanked by her uncle. She was asked of it was for real or publicity, and suggested it was a bit of both. She went on to say that in the absence of her father, her uncle was the one who disciplined her. When required he would take her across his knee and spank her backside.

Anita Ekberg - (contributed by nobody) - Some years ago Time Magazine included a brief account of a spanking that was administered to Anita Ekberg. While travelling with her husband and staying at a hotel, Anita went out alone one evening and returned very late. Upon her arrival, her furious husband put her over his knee and began to administer a severe spanking. Miss Ekberg's response was so spirited that it caused a commotion and brought the hotel management to their door, at which point the husband informed one and all that he was simply spanking his wife.

(contributed by Henry) - Swedish actress Anita Ekberg was spanked by her husband.

Anthea Turner - (contributed by Site Visitor) - In The Times Education Supplement, December 2000, the British TV presenter recalling one of her former schoolteachers Mrs Moss said: "The atmosphere in her class was happy, but we were disciplined. She was the sort of teacher who commanded respect. You knew how far you could go and if you pushed her too far you`d get a slap across the legs." "As a child I never really got into serious trouble, I was too scared of my mum finding out."

Angela Douglas - (contributed by Blubberboy) - In the British actress` biography, it mentions that she was spanked with a hairbrush at her convent school. She starred in Carry On Cowboy amongst others.

Amy Fisher - (contributed by Mike) - In Amy Fisher's autobiography, she talks about a spanking she received from her mother for hiding out at a friend's house when she was supposed to go home.

I put on my galoshes and walked very fast to Tracy's house. When I get there I tell her: "I never want to go home again!" Tracy's closet is huge. She's even put a pillow in there for me. I'm excited. I'm at peace. I'm happy with my new life. Tracy will hide me in her room, bring me food, and everything will be good. Three hours later, my mother has figured it out. She isn't stupid, she knows I'm somewhere. She's called Tracy's mother and Tracy's mother has come into her bedroom and - well, there I am. Tracy's parent's drive me home. That was the only time - ever - that my mother hit me. As soon as I got home, she looked at me with a face lined by hours of worry on top of two years of daily stress, turned me over her knee, and slapped my butt till it was red. "Why did you do that? You had me worried out of my mind," yelled this woman who never raised her voice at me. All the frustration of the difficult juggling act that was her life at twenty-six came out in that spanking, that plea.

Ann & Paula Prentiss - (contributed by Paul of Spring) - In a Summer (probably a June) 1967 issue of TV Guide there was an article on Ann Prentiss, Paula Prentiss' sister, who was an up and coming actress in her own right who never gained the recognition of her sister. Ann was quoted as saying that their father was a strict disciplinarian who required his young daughters to bend over the bathtub while he whipped their bare bottoms with his belt.  Paula, the oldest, went first and then it would be Ann's turn. Ann got her last paternal spanking in her late teens or early 20's (I don't remember the exact age).  She was not bent over the bathtub but she didn't divulge her state of her dress or the instrument of correction.  She acknowledged that if she had it coming, a spanking from a husband or boyfriend would be good for her.

Ann Aubrey - (contributed by frank) - about 25th Jan 1973 The Daily Telegraph and Daily Express both carried reports that 36year old actress Ann Aubrey was spanked on her bare buttocks with a leather thong when she admitted to actor husband Derren Nesbitt that she was having an affair.

Ann Curry - (contributed by RG) - On NBC's Today show a few months back, after a feature on child rearing, the male host asked co-hostesses Ann Curry and Soledad O'Brien if they had ever been spanked as kids... Ann said "Oh, yeah"! Soledad also said "Yes".

Ananda Lewis - (contributed by Ciscoman) - During an interview, the MTV hostess mentioned that when she misbehaved as a child she`d have to go out and get a switch, and was spanked with it by her grandmother.

Aiswara - (contributed by Anonymous) - In an interview the actress said: "I was like any other normal child. I was very, very naughty, always up to some prank or the other. I was spanked often by my mother and even by my grandmother who brought me up." (Confirmed)

Amy Sohn - (contributed by Anonymous) - In an interview the author said: "I have had good experiences of being spanked and with role play, but that may just be because I had an authoritarian parenting and I`m a failed actress."

Amy Carter - (contributed by RG) - The daughter of former U.S. president Carter, was spanked once by Rosalynn Carter. This was mentioned in a magazine article.

Anna Marie Fritz - (Contributed by Cinndunc) The American writer/author/ poet, was spanked growing up. On the website she explains that she was writing poems from an early age, but wrote one of her first efforts on the bathroom wall and got a "Sound Spanking" from her father for it.

*Belinda Carlisle - (Contributed by Cinndunc) American 80's pop star (Singer of "Our Lips Are Sealed" and "We'll Make Heaven a Place on Earth):
In her new autobiography, "Lips Unsealed" she admits to spankings from her step-father, up to 9th grade (14 years old).
Page 12:
With his quick temper, my [step]dad lacked certain basic parenting skills, such as patience. He was of the old-fashioned school that believed in spanking children, and not only that, he seemed to think children should be spanked regularly. My mom looked the other way as we screamed. I don't know if she condoned such punishment, but once, after I complained, she said that she had read that a popular TV talk-show host also spanked his kids, as if to say that made it ok.

Butch and I made light of the beatings we received by comparing the red marks on our skin or the number of lashes... But beneath the jokes and the half-smiles were lots of pain and tears.
Butch came into my room one night..."27" he said.
"I don't believe it" I said.
"Yeah. He hit me 27 times. A new record!"

Page 23: (After 14 year old Belinda is caught shoplifting)...As soon as we got home, his belt came out and he let me have it.

Benazir Bhutto - (contributed by Paul A) - I read that, age 10 although a Muslim, and her father, A.Z. Bhutto, being PM at the time, Benazir (the former Pakistan PM) was sent to a convent school. Her father said she was to be treated exactly like the other pupils - which meant the hairbrush each time she broke the rules. (SF&R Comment) Waiting for a source from the contributor. (Enter for Picture)

Brigitte Bardot - (contributed by George) - I recently read in Brigitte Bardot's biography, initials BB, that she and her sister received 20 strokes with a riding crop from their father for breaking the vase. (Confirmed) Bardot did receive corporal punishment for the vase breaking incident. In the biography I read it stated that she was given 50 strokes of the cane. I have yet to read her biography titled BB.

(contributed by Paul A) - I read a Brigitte Bardot biography in French a long time ago and it said the implement used was a "martinet". It's a small whip, like a very small cat o nine tails.

(contributed by Jack) - In a French documentary on the life of Brigitte Bardot, her sister recalled their father's "Fierce temper" and commented that "Brigitte got the worst of it". She then told a story of one time when he caught Brigitte doing handstands in the street, revealing her underwear to the boys. He dragged her into the house, bent her over, and caned her bottom repeatedly. Later there was a clip where Brigitte was asked about her father spanking her, she said: "Spanked, whipped call it what you will." (Enter for Pictures)

Brigitte & Mijanou Bardot - (contributed by Cinndunc) - The French actresses, and sisters, were raised with "Severe discipline" by their father Toty according to Jeffrey Robinson`s book about Brigitte, and mentioned the now famous incident where the sisters were harshly caned by their father for breaking a valuable vase of their mother`s while playing. Mijanou received 25 strokes and Brigitte got 50. (Confirmed)

Britney Spears - (contributed by Peter) - During a TV interview, the American singer commented: "when I was young I always talked a lot, I even got spanked at school for talking too much."

(contributed by Viper) - Britney was spanked at school. She admitted this on the Jo Whiley show on Channel 4(UK) a few years back. She said that she liked to talk a lot, and got spanked for it in first grade, which she said `was very embarrassing.`

(contributed by Paul) - I heard pop star Britney Spears was bent over the back of a sofa and had her backside firmly spanked by Aero Smith`s Steve Tyler at this year`s (2001) Super Bowl post performance party.

Britney & Jamie-Lynne Spears - (contributed by Jack) - In a magazine article called 'Sister of Superstar', Britney and Jamie-Lynne Spears` mother Lynn said: "My two girls are alike in many ways, they share a lot of the same qualities, but they've got their own different personalites. Britney has always been eager to please everyone, while Jamie-Lynne can be more rebellious, and that can sometimes get her in trouble. She's probably already had more spankings than Britney ever got." (SF&R Comment) Unconfirmed at the moment - I`m trying to find out exactly what magazine this article was in.

Billie Piper - (contributed by Derek) - I heard on an interview once that although her mother supported her singing, one time when she was about 8, Billie was singing using a hairbrush as a microphone after being told to do her homework, her mother caught her and took the hairbrush, took Billie over her knee and gave her a spanking with it.

(contributed by A Source) - During a TV interview, the British singer said she was spanked with a hairbrush into her teens by her mother when she misbehaved.

Bo Derek - (contributed by Laddie) - In the American actress` biography she mentions being paddled by her father while growing up.

(contributed by PDW) - On the Barbara Walters Show in 1980, a Mother`s Day special, the American actress appeared with several other celebrities and their mothers`. During discussions, Walters asked the celebs if they were ever spanked? To which Bo Derek replied: "Oh yes, we were spanked".

Brooke Shields - (contributed by Kassy) - Years ago in a copy of Life Magazine, about the time when "Pretty Baby" was released (in which Brooke is strapped in Barn), the American actress` Mother said: "Brooke is like any other teen, she gets "bristles" when she swears." I assume she meant the hairbrush?

Barbara Mandrell - (contributed by James) - In her autobiography, Get to the Heart: My Story, Barbara mentions about her parents that "when I messed up they took out the switch, and for that I thank them." She said that if she and her two sisters violated a house rule they got a whipping. She told a story about one whipping from her mother: "I said to her, You can whip me if you want to, but it ain't gonna do me any good." Well, she took me into the bedroom and started whipping me, and after the third lick I started yelling, "It's doing me some good, it's doing me some good."

(contributed by A Source) - In her biography, the American country singer talks of she and her sisters being spanked by their parents in their youth. She explains how when they misbehaved their mother would send them out with kitchen shears to cut a switch and they`d get whipped on their bare buttocks. She said their father would take them across his knee and spank them with his hand where ever the incident took place.

(contributed by Jan) - The country singer mentions being spanked by her parents in her biography.

(contributed by David) - Barbara received a spanking for throwing a $20 bill out of a car window.

Britt Ekland - (contributed by Carolina Jim) - From her book, True Britt, the Swedish actress stated: "Several times i collected a spanking from my father because of my rebellious nature. Once for playing among the logs in the wood cellars from which we were barred because of the dirt and the danger." (Confirmed)

In a magazine called, The Spanking Scene, it included text from magazine and TV interviews with Britt Ekland. It stated - In a magazine called Aret Runt she (Ekland) said in 1985, "I know pictures of us in newspapers showed a smiling and happy family but the truth is I was always scared of my father, he held military drills with me and my three brothers. He seemed to pick on me more and if he felt we didn`t perform to his standards I was the one who was punished, the boys were sent away and I was either taken across his knee for a spanking, if I was lucky, or sent to get the carpet beater. Sometimes I think the carpet beater knew my bare bottom better than it knew the carpets."

On a one hour talk show devoted entirely to Britt Ekland she spoke about it more. (Interviewer) "I believe your father was very strict." (Britt Ekland) "To say the least." (Int) "You`ve said before he beat you frequently." (BE) "Yes, he spanked me, not just with his hand in fact, he used whatever he could get his hands on to bring me up properly, he used the carpet beater, a shoe, a wooden spoon, a hairbrush, once even a birch rod. I really dreaded the carpet beater, the march to get it from the kitchen cupboard was very long especially when you knew that this thing would soon whip your bare behind." (Int) "You had to undress?" (BE) "Yes, always on the bare, `To smart more` he said." (Int) "When was the last time he punished you like that?" (BE) "I had just turned Eighteen and had been to a party, I was late and he had this system, he had a broomstick against the door and it didn`t matter how hard I tried to sneak in the handle fell and woke him up." (Int) "And what happened?" (BE) "I didn`t see him that night but at seven the following morning he was in my room with the carpet beater, he took the covers off and I had to pull my pants down and lie across a pillow while he whipped me."

(contributed by Paul H) - In a Daily Mail article in 1997 there was a mention that Britt`s father “beat her with a coathanger and wiped the lipstick from her face”.

Brooke Satchwell - (contributed by Dave A) - The Australian actress, well known as Anne from neighbours, said on a TV interview that she was brought up in a strict family and received a few spankings when growing up.

(contributed by A Source) - During a TV interview, the Australian actress said she got an occasional "deserved" slap across the backside from her parents when growing up, but during her high school years got 4 or 5 memorable over-the-knee spankings from them.

(contributed by Ozman) - In a magazine or newspaper article, the former neighbours actress said that she got her last spanking shortly before joining the neighbours cast.

Brooke Hayward - (contributed by RG) - The actress , daughter of producer Leland Hayward and actress Margaret Sullavan, mentions being spanked with her brother Bill and her sister Bridget by her parents in the book "Haywire".

Barbara Bush - (contributed by Jan) - The wife of the former President of the United States mentions in her book that as a child she was spanked with a hairbrush by her mother.

(contributed by Michael) - Barbara mentions in her biography that she was spanked with a coat-hanger, and that her mother`s spankings were very hard.

Betty Friedan - (contributed by Jan) - In her book, LIFE SO FAR-A MEMOIR, the American women`s activist speaking about her childhood says… "If I was bad my parents discovered a spanking didn’t have much effect on me." She provides no other details than that, but it does seem to confirm that she was spanked as a child.

Betty Mix - (contributed by RG) - The daughter of cowboy movie star Tom Mix, was spanked by him as a child.

Betty Boo - (contributed by Blubberboy) - In a book about the British singer, it`s mentioned that she was raised strictly and was frequently spanked by her Scottish mother when she misbehaved.

Beverly Cleary - (contributed by Jan) - In her memoir, A Girl From Yamhill, the American author recalls one day when she and her brother were bored and wondering what to draw on a blackboard their mother said: "Why don`t you see who can draw the best bird." Eventually the two of them argued who had drawn the best bird. Her brother had sat down on a chair to argue his point. (memoir text) "Mine`s best." Winston stolid and insistent was not going to give in. "It is not!" Before winston knew what was happening to him I grabbed him by the ankles and yanked him off the chair, he hit his head on the seat and began to howl, I knew instantly I had done a very bad thing, "Beverly!" Mother was shocked. Father sprang from the floor, yanked me through the cold dining room and deserted kitchen into the bathroom where he sat down on the edge of the tub, turned me over his knee and spanked me. Now it was my turn to howl: "I`ll be good daddy," I sobbed: "I`ll be good." She went on to add: "I knew I deserved that spanking so I had no reason to complain about it or feel sorry for myself, eventually I came out of the bathroom and was made to tell Winston I was sorry."

Billie Whitelaw - (contributed by Jan) - In the British actress` biography she gave an account about her uncle. She was shuttled about quite a bit during World War II (grew up in Coventry), and stayed with her Uncle, Jack Gallagher, for a while. He had two boys. She said that he "Believed in the strap." She then told how they (her and her two cousins, apparently boys) slept under the stairs and at night would dare one another to sneak out and steal something from the kitchen. The next day when it was discovered she said that "Out came the strap." (Confirmed)

Bonnie Parker - (contributed by Douglas) - Another to add is Bonnie Parker of Bonnie & Clyde fame. In a biograpy about them it is mentioned that Bonnie was spanked many, many times by her mother.

Carol Vorderman - (contributed by Duncan) - In the local paper, The Bradford Telegraph & Argus, there was a page called "School Matters" which had a column entitled "11 Plus", where a personality answered eleven questions about their schooldays. It was the same eleven questions every week, and the final one is "Were you ever punished at school?" And the British TV presenter recalls once getting the cane. (Enter for Article Text) also contributed by Duncan. (Confirmed)

Cleo Rocos - (contributed by Duncan) - Years ago, I remember reading an article in the Daily Mail about Cleo Rocos, who used to play Miss Whiplash on the Kenny Everett Television Show. She mentioned that she had attended a convent school where she recalled: "I was always being caned across the backside for some misdemeanour or other."

Crystal Bernard - (contributed by Verbal Kint) - The actress grew up in Garland Texas USA, one of four daughters of an evangelical southern baptist minister. Taken from a newspaper tv guide she said: "I think of growing up as I did with my dad and mom, the discipline that they gave me, I`m really old fashioned. Everybody`s going to hate me but I believe in spankings because I see people like my friends who were raised a little more liberally and they have more problems."

(contributed by Terry) - In an interview, actress Crystal Bernard mentioned that she was paddled by a Vice Principal while a high school student in Garland, Texas. If I recall, she said she took the paddling instead of being suspended, received 5 "licks," and "deserved it."

Charlize Theron - (contributed by Lonny) - In Vogue Magazine (October 2000), there was a profile of actress Charlize Theron, wherein she mentioned receiving 'hard' spankings from her mother. Ms. Theron (and Mother) also mused that the U.S.A. would be a better place if disciplinary spankings were more common.

(contributed by Mike) - Charlize Theron admitted in an article in US Magazine that while growing up in South Africa she was spanked by her mother.

(contributed by anonymous) - During an interview the South African actress said: "I have a mother who, pardon the statement, kicks my ass if I get out of line. When I was growing up, she never hesitated to spank me if I deserved it. And I feel completely blessed to have been brought up that way." (Confirmed)

(contributed by Jan) - In the October 2000 issue of Vogue Magazine South African actress, Charlize Theron, mentioned receiving hard spankings from her mother while growing up. (Enter for Article Text) (SF&R Comment) Charlize was spanked by her mother and is completely in favour of it as a form of discipline.

Chely Wright - (contributed by Jay) - Chely Wright (the young country singer) admitted on a TNN talk show that her mother used to spank her "Black and Blue" with a pink hairbrush.

Chris Costello - (contributed by RG) - The daughter of Lou, from Abbott & Costello, was occasionally spanked by her father in her youth.

China Kantner - (contributed by Cinndunc) - On the show, Politically Incorrect, the American actress/tv personality was asked by Bill Maher during a conversation if she was ever spanked? to which she replied "Once." (BM) "Recently?" (CK) "No, no, no."

Colleen Lanza - (contributed by RG) - Daughter of the opera singer Mario Lanza, was spanked by her mother as a child.

Carmen Electra - (contributed by BW) - Carmen said in Later magazine that she was spanked by her mother.

Christina Aguilera - (contributed by Jack) - In a small article in the Daily Mirror a few years ago, the American singer was quoted as saying: "I think the beatings I got from my father made me a stronger person". About a year later I saw a documentary on one of the music channels on satellite TV in which Christina had recently been reunited with her father, when she said: "It's hard to try and have a relationship with him. A lot of my memories are of him whipping my butt".

Christina Crawford - (contributed by Michael) - Recalling her childhood in her biography, Christina mentioned that she was spanked across her mother`s knee with a hairbrush or ruler sometimes hard enough for the implements to break on impact, she also recalls that the spankings often left welts on her behind.

Charlotte Ayanna - (Contributed by Newgate) - In the American actress` biography, Lost in the System, on pages 46 & 47, she mentions being spanked `really hard` with a paddle on her bare bottom when she misbehaved growing up in foster care. (Confirmed) (Enter for Picture)

Cindy Crawford - (contributed by A Source) - During an interview a few years ago with ABC`s Charles Gibson, on the subject of child rearing, the American actress told how she and her sisters were spanked by their mother through their high school years. Cindy said she was often given the option of being grounded or taking a spanking - she usually chose the spanking. (Confirmed)

(contributed by John) - In an article it mentioned that when Cindy had her apartment redone all the sound proofing was removed. It stated that the intimate sounds of daily life in the Crawford apartment could be heard very clear downstairs. Visitors marveled at the clarity with which activites could be heard. A cleaning lady for the people downstairs said she had heard quite clearly a lady upstairs getting a spanking on numerous occasions.

Chris Evert - (contributed by Jan) - I recall reading in a biography long ago that her father sometimes applied a "Stinging Hand" to her behind.

(contributed by RG) - In Tennis Magazine, approx 1980, Chris was asked during a Q&A interview: "Were you ever spanked as a child?" to which she replied: "Oh yes, often."

In her autobiography "Chrissie" she makes two references to spanking. (Enter for Biography Text)

Carling Bassett - (contributed by RG) - The Canadian tennis player from the 1980's and 90's, who is now married to male tennis player Andre Seguso was strictly raised by millionaire Canadian brewing magnate John Bassett. In a tennis magazine from about 1990 she said in an interview that  her father would not let her throw temper fits after losing a match and once spanked her off court for throwing her racket in anger when she was 11 or 12.

Cindi Lauper - (contributed by Bruce) - In a radio interview Cindi Lauper told how her mother used to make her and her siblings bend over and spank them with a belt. She joked that the sound of the belt striking different bottoms was `Like a Xylophone.`

(contributed by Otk 999) - On the wogan show a few years ago Cindi said her mother used to line up her and her siblings and beat them `Like a Xylophone`.

(contributed by Cinndunc) - On a Cindi Lauper fan website, on a page featuring various quotes she`s made over the years, she was quoted as saying: `I used to get spanked. Yeah, my mother used to line us all up and we`d get it with the belt`.

Connie Francis - (contributed by Bruce) - On pages 187-190 of her autobiography, Who`s Sorry Now, The singer/actress describes recalling for her new secretary an incident that took place on her first visit to England in 1958 (when she would`ve been just short of her 20th birthday). She had been mortally offended by the interviewer on a British TV show, with whom she had been scheduled to be on for half an hour. The man asked her about any areas she didn`t want to discuss and she told him `Money,` and no sooner did they go on live he asked her about money, she called him a snake and walked off after four minutes. Her manager George Scheck and her mother were furious as they returned to their hotel suite. No sooner were they inside Scheck took off his shoe, bent Francis over his knee and started spanking her hard. Her mother stood by and rather than helping her, commented that this was something she and her father should have done `A long time ago.`

(contributed by Henry) - Connie Francis got a spanking from her uncle when she was l9 for being a brat.

Carly Simon - (contributed by Henry) - It was mentioned on the Howard Stern show that Carley was spanked by her mother. I also recall reading an article about Carly Simon, in which she confessed she got over her stage fright by getting spanked before every concert. I think she said the pain took her mind off how she was feeling. Whichever member of the crew was handy did the honors.

Cathy Lee Crosby - (contibuted by Henry) - It was mentioned in her book and also on the Howard Stern show that Cathy was spanked by her father with a hairbrush, switch and strap.

(contributed by Jan) - In her autobiography Cathy mentions being spanked hard by her father with hand, belt, or switch.

Chelsea Clinton - (contributed by Henry) - It was mentioned on the Donahue show that Chelsea`s mother Hillary spanked her when she was seven years old.

(contributed by Rob) - I read somewhere on the internet that Chelsea was spanked by her parents at home up to the age of 17.

Cissy Houston - (contributed by Jan) - The mother of Whitney and a singer herself in the 50`s recalls in her biography being spanked while growing up. She also mentions administering spankings herself when she became a mother. (Enter for Biography Text) also contributed by Jan.

Cece Winans - (contributed by Jan) - Cece Winans is a famous American gospel singer. She has won eight Grammy Awards for her music. In her recently published autobiography, On A Positive Note: Cece Winans, she goes into some detail on how strict her parents were. (She is the eighth of ten children.) In one paragraph she said that the most important things in their household, in order, were: (1) Love, (2) Discipline, and (3) Laughter. She mentions several times that they would "whip" the children, and indicates that it was on the "behind." She said that her mother used a belt, a light cord, and a shoe. She makes the following quote on page 18: "Your heart had to soften even if your behind still stung." noting that because her mother was so loving that she could not stay upset long.

Cybill Shepherd - (contibuted by Jan) - In the Amarican actress` biography, CYBILL DISOBEDIENCE, Cybill tells of a scuffle she had with her older sister in their common bed, and then the next morning… "When my father saw my bruised shins and red-rimmed eyes, he made Terry bend over, hands to ankles, and walloped her with his belt. She incurred a similar punishment every time she chased me around the house and attacked me, which was often because I regularly provoked her (awfully dumb, since she was older, bigger, stronger, and faster). I hid over a floor furnace outside the den every time she was punished, talking to my plastic horses while my sister yelped, determined to avoid such punishment myself. I, Miss Perfect, rarely got whipped. My most egregious sins were repeatedly scribbling in crayon on the living room wall and taunting my brother to bite me, then telling on him when he did. The spankings came to an end when I stopped crying." (Confirmed)

Cyndy Garvey - (contributed by Pensword) - In the American TV presenter`s biography, Secret Life of Cyndy Garvey, she mentions being spanked by her father growing up, and on page 53 explains a time when she was 13 and arrived home an hour late, and her furious father bent her over and spanked her backside with his belt, adding: "It was very painful. His blows were cutting and bruising. He`d beaten me before, but this was different". (Enter for Picture)

Cheryl Tiegs - (contributed by RG) - The model mentioned in a magazine article a few years ago, I think in Parents magazine, that punishment when she was a child meant being spanked "Once or twice a year."

Charisma Carpenter - (contributed by Bert) - In a magazine article, the American actress (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) told of a time at the age of 16 when her brother encouraged her to drive their parents car. She got caught and said: "I got whooped for that one."

Debby Boone - (contributed by Michael) - In her biography the singer often mentions spankings. She said that her father spanked her bare behind with either his hand, belt or slipper.

(contributed by Tracey) - Debby was spanked over her father Pat`s knee at the age of seventeen, as recalled in Pat and Shirley Boone`s book.

(contributed by Mike) - Debby Boone's autobiography talks at great length about the bare bottom spankings she and her sisters received from their parents while growing up. She even has a chapter about her last spanking, which occured when she was 18 years old.

(contributed by Jan) - In her biography Debby mentions spanking numerous times, and implies that she and her sisters were spanked often and soundly. In fact, one chapter is titled, "The Last Spanking." It was when she was either 19 or 20 years old. Putting various references together, she notes that she and her sisters were spanked on the bare bottom, and that Pat would use "...slippers, belts, or anything that would sting." She said afterward her sisters and herself would go to her room, drop their drawers, and examine their bottoms in the mirror to see whose was reddest. Apparently, it was not uncommon for them to get spankings as a whole group. (Enter for Biography Text) also contributed by Jan. (Confirmed)

Debbie Reynolds - (contributed by RG) - The actress was spanked by her mother as mentioned in a biography. A magazine article implied that she also spanked her daughter Carrie Fisher as well.

Donna Summer - (contributed by Douglas) - One that I recall mentioning being spanked as a child is Donna Summer. She would bring it up in her act.

Della Reese - (contributed by Jan) - She is a famous American singer, and for several years has been the main star on a big American hit TV show, "Touched by an Angel."  In her biography she mentions that she had a very strict mother who would "whip" her with either a switch or a doubled up ironing cord. In one place, after proving her mettle in a fight at school, she notes that her mother spanked her for the fight and that, "My behind was bruised, but my reputation was in cement."

Dorothy Paul - (contributed by Bruce) - The Scottish comedian recalls in her autobiography being strapped at school with a leather tawse.

Dixie Carter - (contributed by Jan) - The American TV star admitted in her biography to recieving regular spankings.

Diane Abbott - (contributed by Sitevisitor) - In a magazine article, the British Labour MP said of her father - He believed in "Spare the rod and spoil the child". If you did anything wrong, he would take his belt to you.

Dominnique Moceanu - (contributed by Jan) - After obtaining a protective order against her father, Dumitru, the American gymnast told the USA TODAY newspaper how he was following her around, and that both he and her mother often `Hit` her for not performing well or gaining weight. Dumitru`s lawyer, Katherine Scardino, responded to that by commenting: "I doubt it seriously, I would imagine over 17 years there have been instances when she has been spanked."

Dyan Cannon - (contributed by Cindi) - The actress admitted that she got spankings until she cried as punishments over Carey Grant`s knee during their marriage in the 1960`s. (Confirmed) During her divorce proceedings, Cannon explained that Carey Grant had administered spankings to her. But I`m yet to read or hear any further details.

(contributed by Tom) - I read in a TV guide that Dyan Cannon the actress was spanked by her then husband Carey Grant. (Confirmed)

(contributed by Henry) - Dyan Cannon was spanked by Cary Grant. (Confirmed)

(contributed by Paul) - Dyan Cannon some years ago told the story on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show of a short film she made called "One." It referred to a real life experience she had. As a grammar school student she was caught by the principal sneaking into the boys' bathroom. She said she was marched to the principal's office and was "whipped."

(contributed by Paul H) - A newspaper report (approx 1984) mentioned that Dyan was regularly spanked by Cary Grant during their marriage. The source of most of the tension was the fact that Grant was constantly exasperated by the fact that the much younger Ms Cannon had an insatiable appetite for partying. Apparently the final straw for the relationship occurred in a hotel room. Hotel staff were called to investigate a blazing row between the couple and when they entered the hotel room were astounded to find that Grant had Cannon over his knee and was administering a jolly good spanking.

Dale Evans - (contributed by RG) - The actress who starred in cowboy movies with her husband Roy Rogers, wrote in her biography that she was spanked as a child.

E.D. Hill (contributed by IP) E.D. Hill of FOX TV who was known as Edye Tarbox during her days as a news anchor in Pittsburgh PA was paddled in 10th grade (age 16) at Dripping Springs HS TX for walking on a newly finished gym floor with shoes on, taking a short cut to class.

(contributed by Newgate) I've heard comments on television from E.D. Hill that support this. One time, Fox News was doing a report on corporal punishment in schools and the attempts to ban paddling. When the video clip ended, Hill commented to her co-anchor "that brings back painful memories."

(contributed by Ozman) - One of the presenters on Fox News Channel show Fox & Friends recalled on the show one time that 'back home in Texas a paddling at school would earn a belt spanking at home'.

(Enter for E.D. Hill Picture)

Eileen Fulton - (contributed by RG) - The soap star wrote in her biography, As my world turns, that she received bare bottom spankings from her mother growing up.

Erin Moran - (contributed by Henry) - The actress from TV`s Happy Days mentioned on the Howard Stern show that she was once given the strap while laying across her bed for playing trick or treat.

Elle & Mimi MacPherson - (contributed by Bertram) - In the early 1990`s, Australian celebrities Elle & Mimi MacPherson appeared on a mother`s day special show hosted by one of the Dido brothers. Elle enthusiastically explained the hairbrush spankings she and Mimi received from their mother, and as the two girls were smiling and jovial while explaining this piece of nostalgia (obviously no grudges) their mother looked a little uncorfortable that it was raised. Mimi even told of a time when her mother broke a hairbrush across her bottom during a spanking and was told "Look what you`ve done."

(contributed by Ozman) - In an interview Elle MacPherson recalled that most of her spankings were recieved when she and her sister Mimi got in trouble together. She said it was worst when their mother would send them to their rooms to await punishment. Elle hated waiting in her room while Mimi got spanked as she could hear the smacks and Mimi's tears and knew that as the older sister she would soon get it even worse.

Elizabeth Montgomery - (contributed by Jim) - In an article it was mentioned that the American actress was spanked soundly and often, when required, by her actor father Robert.

(contributed by anonymous) - In a 1968 interview in the TV Radio Mirror, the American actress was asked - By what principals were you raised? What kind of childhood did you have? To which she replied - I had a very happy and healthy childhood and was spanked quite soundly whenever I deserved it, which was frequently. (Confirmed)

(contributed by RG) - In a 60's era movie magazine, the American actress recalled shooting up the bric a brack in the living room with a BB gun she got for her 11th birthday. She said "My parents were great believers in discipline, consequently, I got a good whacking on my rear"!

Elizabeth Pantley - (contributed by Cinndunc) The American author was spanked with a belt by her father when she misbehaved growing up.
Here is an excerpt from a piece she wrote on the website.
Our parents punished us the same way in which they were punished. In my house, my father had a belt hanging on a hook in the kitchen. It was a visible reminder to be good or to be put over his knee. We were all afraid of that belt.

Evelyn Glennie - (contributed by Bruce) - The Scottish percussionist recalls in her biography having a fight with a boy at school, and as a result of it she said: "The teacher took out the leather belt and we got a whipping."

Elaine C Smith - (contributed by Bruce) - There was an article in a scottish newspaper debating whether the belt should be brought back in schools. One of the contributors was Elaine C Smith. The Rab C Nesbit star said: "I got the belt several times at school but it had no affect, I continued to be a loud mouth." (Confirmed)

Elaine Dundy - (contributed by Robert) - In a Daily Mail article, the writer told how she was given bare bottom canings by late husband, critic Ken Tynan. She commented: "to cane a woman on her bare buttocks, to hurt and humiliate her, was what gave him his greatest sexual satisfaction." (Confirmed)

Elizabeth Taylor - (contributed by Henry) - Elizabeth Taylor was spanked by Michael Todd.

Elizabeth Berkley - (contributed by Jack) - The actress who appeared in Showgirls, was paddled by her mother when she was 15, this was the only spanking of her teenage years. In a magazine interview she told how during the filming of the first series of the TV show 'Saved By The Bell' she and her co-star Tiffany Amber Thiessen were caught smoking cigarettes on set. The studio contacted both girls parents to tell them about it. Elizabeth said that her mother paddled her butt for the first time in years, while Tiffany escaped with a grounding.

Erika Slezak - (contributed by anonymous) - In an interview the actress said of her upbringing: “There was certainly a great deal of discipline. There was no such thing as talking back or raising your voice - I don't raise my voice to my parents to this day. The words 'shut up' didn't exist in our house. We were spanked when we needed it. We were brought up to have enormous respect for adults. In our house, when you were told to go to bed, you went. And I think one thing that is very characteristic of our home is that we were terribly happy. We were very, very close.”

Farah Fawcett - (contributed by Jan) - I read somewhere that when the actress misbehaved as a youngster she would have to pull down her jeans and lay across the bed for her father to spank her with a belt.

(contributed by Cindi) - Farah Fawcett told TV guide that up until the age of 18 she was spanked with a belt, jeans down, laying across her bed by her strict father.

(contributed by Tracey) - Farah related on the howard stern show to bare bottom spankings with a belt by her father.

(contributed by Jack) - During a documentary about the American actress on satellite TV a few years ago, it said that her strict Texan father would make her bend over her bed and spank her with his leather belt, right up until she left home to go to college. (SF&R Comment) The reference to Farrah being spanked by her father with a belt has now come from several contributors and from various sources, so I would think is almost certainly true.

Faith Brown - (contributed by CB) - In a monthly magazine called, Monocle, the British comedienne/impressionist mentioned getting `Six of the Best` at school when she was caught doing an impression of one of her strict teachers. (Enter for Magazine Text) also contributed by CB.

Faith Daniels (contributed by IP) Former NBC reporter Faith Daniels was paddled in school as an 8th grader (age 14) for talking back to the teacher at Trinity Junior High School in Washington PA.

Faye Wong - (contributed by Cinndunc) - On an internet website Q&A with the Chinese singer, the following appeared.

Q: Do you remember the first time you were spanked? Faye: You mean the first time my parents spanked me? Q: Yeah. Did your parents spank you? Faye: My mother spanked me a lot. (laughs) Q: Really? (laughs) Faye: Because I was really naughty.

Felicity Kendall - (contributed by Chas) - In her autobiography, page 59, Felicity Kendall refers to the only time her mother lost her temper with her. She says her mother took a Mason Pearson Hairbrush to her bare bottom. (Confirmed)

Fiona Apple - (contributed by Denise) - Illusionist David Blaine was on the Howard Stern show and claimed he spanked American singer fiona apple on a number of occasions. This is the young lady who had a hit song about being a "bad, bad girl." David blaine is the man who spent 62 hrs encased in ice in downtown new york. (Confirmed)

(contributed by Michael) - David Blaine, the man who put himself in ice, used to date Fiona Apple and gave her hard spankings. This was on the Howard Stern show. (Confirmed)

(contributed by Newgate) - On the Howard Stern show, David Blaine was asked by Stern: "I heard that when she was on tour, you spanked Fiona Apple so hard that she couldn't sit for several that true?" (David Blaine): "Yes." (Confirmed)

(contributed by A Source) - During a discussion on The Howard Stern Show, magician David Blaine said he`d spanked his girlfriend, singer Fiona Apple, on many occasions. He described one particular time when they had a minor dispute when getting ready for a party, Blaine got slightly annoyed with her, and pulled her across his lap and spanked the seat of her jeans, then pulled them down and tanned her bare bottom. (Confirmed)

Fiona Phillips - (contributed by George & Mary) When asked by Eamonn Holmes on GMTV (May 25th 2004) if she ever thought of being a page three girl, Fiona replied: "Oh no, my father would`ve put me over his knee....he still would."

(contributed by Karen) - On GMTV, 25th May 2004, it was put to Fiona Phillips "did you never fancy doing any glamour model work?" Fiona looked shocked at first, then repiled, along the lines of, "I did not, if I'd done anything like that my father would have put me over his knee! He still would!"

(contributed by RJ) - On GMTV in 2001, when they were covering a legal bid by some UK independent schools to reinstate the right to use corporal punishment, Fiona, showing a big wooden ruler (metre-rule) said: `On the bottom or back of the legs at school used to sting as I remember only too well.`

Floella Benjamin - (contributed by John) - In an interview about school in Trinidad the childrens` TV presenter told of how one day she was late and the teacher, a tall woman, smacked her hand with a thick leather belt.

Germaine Greer - (contributed by Paul H) - I remember a late night debating show back in the 1980’s on corporal punishment, in which Germaine Greer described the stiff beatings that she received from her mother during her childhood, it seemed that Greer particularly resented the ritualistic aspect of her canings. I also read an article on Greer in the Sunday Times that also referred to the childhood beatings.

Ginger Rogers - (contributed by Carolina Jim) - In her book, Ginger, My Story, the actress wrote about the first time she smoked a cigarette with her friend Leslie. They were about eleven at the time and she got sick. Her mother embraced her and asked: "What happened darling?" And then she smelt the cigarette odour in her hair and said: "What have you been up to?" Ginger then wrote: "After the spanking Leslie and I both got I never thought of a cigarette for many years!"

Gale Storm - (contributed by Henry) - Gale Storm was spanked by her TV father, Charlie Farrell, for showing up late for shooting. They later did a spanking scene on the show, My Little Margie.

Geraldine (Chaplin) - (contributed by Chas) - In a book called, Charlie Chaplin and his Times, his daugther Geraldine is quoted as saying that she was spanked as a child. She said "we got the full routine - on the bum, across our father's knee and bang-o!"

Geri Halliwell - (contributed by OTK999) - on reading Geri Halliwell's autobiography "If Only" I encountered the following passages about Geri`s childhood which may be of interest. Page 8 - "I loved my father on his good days, but sometimes this was overshadowed by an unpredictable temper. He would pull his belt from his trousers and snap it through the air like a whip. As I lay hiding under the bed, I heard him shouting, "Ready, ready red legs," before he pulled me out and whipped me across the back of my thighs.

Page 22 - This afternoon, when Karen phoned, I went outside to get Max. Mum thought I was sneaking out. She gave me a wallop. I HATE HER!!

Page 22 - (recounting how she and her siblings got past her mum's security lock on the telephone) We were all dragged into the sitting room and punished with her flip-flop, which was less painful than the wooden spoon. There is no other mention of the wooden spoon being used that I can find, but I assume it was a reasonably regular feature of the Halliwell household. (Confirmed)

Gabor Sisters - (contributed by Jim) - The Celebrity sisters, Zsa Zsa (left), Eva & Dodi, were all spanked with a wooden hairbrush by their mother in their youth - and beyond apparently. Once when Zsa Zsa got into some trouble abroad her mother, on her way out to assist her, said that she would give her daughter (approx 40) a good spanking as she deserved. Zsa Zsa was also allegedly spanked by all of her 7/8 husbands. Eva, famous for her role in TV`s Green Acres, was reportedly spanked by her friend, Merv Griffin.

Gore Sisters - (contributed by RG) - According to a magazine interview in about 1993, Tipper Gore, wife of the former American Vice President, Al Gore, said she was basically opposed to spanking now, but did say she spanked her one son and three daughters, Karenna, Kristen and Sarah, when they were young.

Gabby Logan - (contributed by Jim) - The British TV presenter mentioned in an article that she was smacked by her father whenever she arrived home late. (Confirmed)

Gwyneth Paltrow - (contributed by A Source) - On a TV show called "Family Values" in 1997, the American actress recalled how she was often spanked by her parents, specifically mentioning her summer breaks, aged 14-16, when she would sometimes stay out late with her "summer boyfriends", arrive home after her curfew, and be spanked for it. She apparently has no resentment of her punishments, and seemed to suggest it had done her good.

Heather Locklear - (contributed by Jan) - In a biography it mentions that the actress was spanked just once when she was six years old.

(contributed by JD) - Heather mentioned on the Nick-At-Nite cable channel a few years ago an occasion when she and her brother were supposed to be in bed, but they were cutting up, misbehaving. She recalled her father had yelled to them that if they didn't settle down, they were going to get a spanking. Her brother must've quieted down but not Heather as she said her father came into her bedroom, placed her over his lap and spanked her.

(contributed by Henry H) - On the Howard Stern show Heather told how when she was a girl of five or six her mother spanked her using a ball and string paddle. As Heather told the story her mother was mad at her for letting the neighborhood little boys see her frilly panties. When Howard suggested that this was probably an innocent act. Heather replied her mother took one look at her mischievous expression and knew this was an intended gesture.

Heather Whitestone - (contributed by RG) - Miss America 1995, was spanked by her mother and at school according to her book "Yes, You Can Heather!" (Confirmed)

Hannah Storm - (contributed by Stephanie) - I have heard (although I cannot confirm) that NBC sports announcer Hannah Storm went to a catholic high school and felt the paddle more than once.

Hillary Clinton - (contributed by ?) - In the Book, Bill and Hillary, The Marriage, discusses on P.93 that Hillary could expect the reasonably frequent application of corporal punishment in the form of spanking from her Dad, Hugh Rodham. (Confirmed)

(contributed by Peter) - In a recent book dealing with the Clintons' marriage, it stated that Hillary's father was a spanker and she was on the receiving end at times. One occasion cited that when she got in trouble at school for talking she was spanked on her return home. (Confirmed)

Honor Blackman - (contributed by HV) - In The Radio Times, 31st August 96, the British actress, Describing her father, said: "He was wonderful in lots of ways, but fearsome, and you certainly wouldn't like his temper. He clobbered us quite a bit, but everyone did in those days. All we had to do was talk back and we got the strap on our bare bottoms. I don't think it did me any harm."

(contributed by Paul H) - I read in the Daily Mail in 1997 that the former Bond and Avengers girl had a very dominant and over-bearing father, who set tough, exacting standards for his children. Honor was the only girl amongst a number of brothers, but her father expected her to do everything that the boys did. Apparently Honor was given regular hidings by her father, which were every bit as severe as those meted out to her brothers. (SF&R Comment) Honor was strictly raised by her father, an ex-military man, including strappings for misbehaviour.

Helen Adams - (contributed by Chaz) - The former Big Brother UK contestant said she was slippered by her mother during a discussion on corporal punishment in the house. She said: `I used to get the slipper. It had a hard plastic sole. So at Christmas I got her a pair with a nice soft sole. She said what have you got these for Helen?`

Hayley Mills - (contributed by Peter) - I read that at a boarding school attended by the British actress, the girls were spanked with a hairbrush while wearing their pyjamas.

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