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*Christina Crawford - In the book, Joan Crawford: Hollywood Martyr (Page 163), it was mentioned that the American actress and daughter of Hollywood legend Joan Crawford was spanked for misbehaviour by both parents. Her stepfather would spank her with his hand only but her mother would use a variety of implements including hairbrushes and coathangers, often breaking them across her buttocks.

*Chonda Pierce - In her book, Laughing in the Dark (Pages 154/56), the American comedienne mentions being spanked by several family members, inluding her grandmother who would apply a switch, an aunt who used a flyswatter, and her father who administered bare bottom beltings.

Of her father`s disciplinary measures (Page 156), she said: The belt came out more times than I can count. Most of the time we were made to line up and bend over so that our noses touched the couch cushions. My father would then make us drop our pants.

*Ida Lupino - In the book, Ida Lupino: A Biography (Page 10), it was mentioned that the English actress and director was often spanked by her uncle Barry. She was disciplined for things such as dyeing her hair blonde and refusing to wear long dresses.

*Iris Robinson - In an article in The Daily Mail, Nov 1st, 2008, the DUP MP and member of the Northern Ireland assembly called for the return of corporal punishment in schools and revealed that as a young girl she had been caned at school for misbehaviour.

*Pointer Sisters - During an interview on The Mike Douglas Show (1970s), the famous American singing sisters said they were spanked for misbehaviour by both parents with the razor strop, belt and shoe.

*Sandy "Pepa" Denton - In her book, Let`s Talk About Pepa, page 13, The Jamaican born singer/actress explains how her strict father spanked her and her sisters with anything from belts, switches, cords and paddles. She also mentions stuffing bathroom tissues down her pants when she thought she might be spanked.

*Tonya Harding - The former American ice skater and Olympian, talking about her book on The Today Show, May 2008, said that as a young girl she often had her backside beaten black and blue by her mother, usually for skating poorly.

#Trisha Goddard - In an article in The Daily Mail TV & Showbiz section, the British tv presenter recalled attending a school in Tanzania from the age of 6 where misbehaviour resulted in corporal punishment with the ruler or the cane. She also recalls being smacked by both her mother & father for misbehaviour, adding that her father would lash out rather indiscriminately but her mother`s smacks were more controlled.

Spanked Personalities: New References

*Dora Mwima - In an interview in The Monitor, Uganda, January 25 2009, the teenaged 2008/9 Miss Uganda and Miss World contender was asked, When was the last time you were caned? to which she replied "When I was 12 years old, I had an argument with my mum. She told my father about it and he caned me seven strokes."

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