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*AnnaLynne Mccord - The beautiful American actress was strictly raised growing up in Atlanta, Georgia. When she misbehaved she had to bend over and was spanked (sometimes bare bottom) with a ruler when she was younger then a paddle when she was older. She accepts that her parents did what they genuinely believed to be right but is not in favour of corporal punishment. Source: Starcasm.net

Amanda Burton - During a discussion on, The One Show, BBC TV UK, August 24 2010, on the subject of the British actress` role as headmistress in BBC TV school series, Waterloo Road, she was asked how she got along with her own headteacher at school, and said she had been taught by her dad, which was good, but remembered getting caned for always being naughty, such as catapulting people in the playground.

Agnetha Faltskog - In an interview in the Swedish magazine, Vecko-Revyn (2nd April 1985), The Swedish singer from the popular 1970`s & 80`s pop group, Abba, was asked a question on the issue of spanking, and in the build up to the question the interviewer, obviously aware of the fact, reffered to her being spanked with a carpet beater by her father when growing up.

Ann Todd - In the British actress` biography, The Eighth Veil, She mentioned that she was often punished as a child and recalled a time when she shouted at her mother and was reported to her father who took her into his study, put her across his knee, and spanked her backside.

Anna May Wong - The Chinese/American actress was caned at her Chinese school in America. Her strict teacher would apply a bamboo cane to the hand or backside of any pupil who misbehaved. Anna May was also "Whipped" by her father when she misbehaved.

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Ann Aubrey - The British actress was given a bare bottom spanking with a leather strap leaving cuts and bruises on her buttocks by her actor husband Derren Nesbitt when she confessed to him she was having an affair.

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Anna Nicole Smith - In FHM Magazine, USA Edition, July 2004, the American model/actress recalled a time growing up in Texas she got her "Ass whipped" by her grandmother for climbing up the clothesline pole.

Anthea Turner - In an article on the subject of smacking - Daily Mirror, June 23 2004, pages 16/17 - the British TV presenter, under the headline "A Wallop Did Me No Harm" said: "I remember feeling the flat of my mum`s hand on my bum many times and I`m not traumatised. In fact, I`ve turned out fine."

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Angela Douglas - In her biography, Swings and Roundabouts, page 17, the English actress mentions receiving corporal punishment at St. Martha`s convent boarding school, Sussex, England. She said she was: "Spanked quite a few times" with the back of a hairbrush.

Anchal Kumar - The Indian model was spanked by her parents for misbehaviour growing up.

The Telegraph, Calcutta, India

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I used to be a very naughty child. My homework was inevitably neglected. At the last moment I would realise that it was not done, so I would look to Pooja (sister) for help. She has bailed me out of such predicaments many a time. Being the youngest one, I was very pampered. Yet I was ready to break the rules. Often, I was at the receiving end of spankings from my parents. Pooja often made sure that she took half the blame and saved my skin. Then there were parties and outings which I didn’t want to miss. But my parents wouldn’t allow me if exams were drawing near. It was Pooja then who’d do the talking and convince them otherwise.

Ali MacGraw - In her autobiography, Moving Pictures (page 40), the American actress explains that she and her brother were spanked by their father, and that: "I received my share of those spankings," and felt: "Literally sick to the stomach with fear," when she was going to be spanked.

Amy Lee - In a Q&A interview on the EvBoard website, the American singer with the group, Evanescence, recalled a time growing up when she was spanked for drawing pictures with a crayon on her bedroom wall. She said: "I was dancing around my room to the ghostbusters song and I decided my room wasn't scary enough so I drew ghosts in crayon on my wall. I knew before the end of the song that the ghosts weren`t worth the punishment and I was about to get spanked...yeah. I was right."

Ashia Hansen - In an article in the Daily Telegraph (14th February 2004) the British athlete, raised in Ghana, said she was caned at school in Africa, and said she was also severely punished by her father with the slipper or a ruler when she misbehaved growing up.

(Paragraph from article) "I remember the school. Oh, what a strict school. I got a caning once. My dad went in and had a go at the teacher. He said: 'If anyone's going to punish her, I will, because I know how hard to hit her.' " Gales of laughter. "Dad was very strict. A liberal person but really, really strict at home. I used to get punished severely. In Africa you don't talk back. You show your elders respect. It's tradition. It's not like here where you get a slap. Over there, out came the ruler or the slipper."

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Amalia Rodrigues - An article on the Vidas Lusofanas website (www.vidaslusofonas.pt) explains an occasion when the Portuguese actress was spanked by her grandmother.

(Paragraph from article) At school, she is required to wear a white smock over her dress. One day Amália is on her way to school, walking through the woods. The sound of bird songs fill the air. She sees a little girl dressed in rags, obviously much poorer than she. Amália takes off the dress she’s wearing under the smock and gives it to the girl. When she returns home, her grandmother asks her to take off the smock so she can wash it. Amália is embarassed and, feigning surprise, simply says: “Gosh! I’ve lost my dress!” Her grandmother’s reaction is to give her a spanking as she bellows: “Aren’t you the rich young lady, giving away your dresses!”

Adaora Ukoh - In an article on the National Life, Nigeria, website, April 4, 2010, the Nigerian (Nollywood) actress recalled being regularly caned by her parents for her pursuit of an acting career. They wanted her to study to be a doctor or a lawyer.

Alfre Woodard - On the USA TODAY website, Oct 29, 2005, talking about her role as Betty Applewhite in the TV series Desperate Housewives, the following was mentioned.

The role of sadist is one Woodard assumes with glee. She covers her mouth to stifle the laughs as she confesses to a reign of terror that began as the youngest of her family's three children in Tulsa. As a 5-year-old, she once smoked a cigarette her brother found in the dirt. During a game of Cowboys and Indians, she tied up her sister — and threw lit matches near her feet. Twice, she feigned death after rough-housing with her siblings. "We got spanked every day," she recalls. "Our parents spanked us. The neighbors spanked us. If they were spanking one of us, they'd tell the other, 'C'mon, let me get you now because I know I'm going to have to spank you before the day is over.'"

Anna Massey - In an article serialising her book, Telling Some Tales, The Daily Mail, April 15 2006, the British actress spoke very fondly of her Nanny, Gertrude Burbridge, and the love, care and discipline she`d given her growing up. She recalls having a "terrible temper" as a youngster and how her Nanny regularly spanked her with a hairbrush.

The Daily Mail, April 15 2006

With my parents wrapped up in their own worlds, I turned elsewhere for the care and love and warmth that I yearned for. The woman who provided them was my nanny, Gertrude Burbridge.

For more than 30 years, continuing into my adult life, Nanny was the mainstay of my existence. She joined our family when my brother Daniel was three weeks old, and stayed with us for the rest of her days. Her constancy and devotion held me together until her death.

Nanny was everything to me - my world at our home in Mayfair centred entirely on the day and night nurseries, where she ruled her tiny kingdom.

She did absolutely everything for my brother and me, washing and ironing our clothes with unimaginable delicacy, serving meticulously prepared meals of fish poached in milk, and decorating my hair with exquisite miniature bows.

She had an ample bosom into which we could snuggle on the nights when we had earache (a malady from which I suffered frequently as a child) and she was overwhelmingly reassuring. You knew she would always be there.

She was also a strict disciplinarian, and our manners had to be perfect. I had the most terrible temper as a child - once, in a shoe shop in Sloane Square, I kicked a shoe right up to the top of a cupboard - and was regularly given a spanking with a hairbrush.

Beverly Knight - In an article in The Sunday Times Magazine, May 7 2006, the British singer recalled her strict upbringing and specifically a time when she was "Smacked" by her father for missing an 8:15 curfew.

The Sunday Times Magazine, May 7 2006

I was raised in a strict way but I wanted to push the parameters. Mum would say be home by 8.15, but I remember one time I was late, and she was waiting to go to work. She met me in the street and sent me home, with the fear of Dad. Yes, I got smacked. I never did that again. But what superseded any rebelliousness was respect. If I brought the cops to the door — unthinkable! Not just the shame on my family, but on the entire black population of Wolverhampton, and beyond.

Brigitte Bardot - The French actress admitted in a biography that as a youngster she was often caned, and also refers to once receiving fifty whacks for breaking a vase of her mother`s. The same story was also told by a French journalist on a TV documentary called The Real Brigitte Bardot.

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Also, on Page 20 of the book Brigitte Bardot: a biography, by Barnett Singer, it mentions a time as a teenager when her father lifted her dress and "vigorously" spanked her bottom for arriving home 10 minutes late from a date, in front of her male company for the evening. She was dressed in stockings and garter.

Britt Ekland - In her biography, True Britt, the Swedish actress mentions how she was often spanked by her father because of her rebellious nature, and also that she was, in her words, "Thrashed" by her father for staying out until the early hours with some graduation students.

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Brandy Norwood - In an article in Essence Magazine, May 1997, the American singer`s mother, Sonja, said she spanked the young Brandy when she misbehaved.

Essence Magazine, May 1997

Bringing up Brandy: This 18-year-old superstar is a diva without attitude, thanks to parents Sonja and Willie Norwood

Article by Tara Roberts

What has made the difference for both Brandy and 16-year-old Ray J. (a rising star in his own right) is the consistent doses of old-fashioned love, discipline and determination administered daily by their parents. They are clearly determined to raise healthy, normal kids in a town known for eating its young alive.

"You have to decide what kind of kids you want," explains Sonja. "We didn't believe in sparing the rod. If they did something wrong, they got spanked. My kids have always been very respectable, polite and well mannered."

Barbara Cartland - The writer received one spanking from her father while growing up. In an unauthorised biography the following text was featured. - Only once was Bertie driven to spanking both Barbara and Ronald. It was Ronald`s birthday and Barbara had been forbidden to go to his room and talk to him before they was called. She not only disobeyed but together they tried to light the gas and in doing so Ronald fell into the round tin bath which had not yet been emptied. After the beating Polly was so furious that she threw Ronald`s birthday present, a copy of the bible, on his bed saying: "Here is your present." and slammed the door. Barbara was packed off to bed: "Until you learn how to behave."

Boone Sisters - The American celebrity sisters, Debby, Cherry, Lindy, and Laura, were strictly raised by their father, singer/entertainer Pat Boone, who would spank their bare bottoms with a belt, slipper and other implements when they misbehaved growing up.

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Bush Sisters - During an interview with Dr.Phil, August 2004, American President George Bush and wife Laura were asked how they discipline their twin daughters Jenna and Barbara. Dr.Phil asked, were you spankers? to which Laura replied "Not often". In other words yes, but not frequently.

Boyd Sisters - Pattie & Jenny, famous British models from the 1960s, were both caned by their stepfather, and Pattie also received corporal punishment at school. In her book "Wonderful Tonight", chapter: "A New Father", Pattie talks about their stepfather and how they were "occasionally beaten" with a stick, and were told to bend over for their punishments, pleading and apologising knowing just how much it stung.

Pattie recalls a time when Jenny committed a misdemeanour and was told she`d be whacked in three hours time. When the time came Jenny was told to get a stick but was told the stick wasn`t thin enough and had to fetch another. On her return she pleaded not to be whacked and offered to give her father all her pocket money for life. Her please fell on deaf ears however and she was bent over and caned.

Earlier in the book Pattie recalls the punishment at her convent school was being whacked on the calfs and how she "Always had sore legs".

Carrie Underwood - In a Q&A on the Washisngton Post website, the winner of American Idol Season 4, 2005, mentioned being "spanked a lot" growing up.

The Washington Post, Q&A, January 20, 2006

Savannah, Ga.: They say the youngest child gets away with the most and are hardly ever spanked or disciplined. I believe you're a youngest child, correct? Did you get away with a lot?

Carrie Underwood: I think I got away with a lot but I was spanked a lot too.

Camilla Parker-Bowles - In the book, Camilla: The King`s Mistress, it was mentioned that the female companion of Prince Charles was caned at the extremely strict Dumbrells School in Sussex, England.

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Carol Vorderman - In a weekly newspaper feature called, 11 plus, where a different celebrity each week was asked the same 11 questions about their schooldays, the British TV presenter admitted that she got the cane at school. When asked the 11th and last question, were you ever punished at school? she said: "Only when I was a small child. I got the cane for playing slaphand, which when I look back now I think was a bit harsh."

On Have I Got News For You, BBC TV, May 15th, 2004, a section from an interview Carol gave to her home town newspaper was featured, in which she said: "I was once given six of the best with a cane on my backside." (Enter for Pictures) (SF&R Comment) It`s not clear if this reference is from home or school (probably school), or whether it`s related to the above reference or different, but we`ll try to find out.

Cilla Black - The British singer/television celebrity confessed in a weekly newspaper feature called schooldays: "I was a natural show off and must confess to experiencing six of the cane twice at school."

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Cleo Lane - The singer recalls in her biography getting the cane at home and from the headmaster at school. She mentions regularly playing truant from school and going to the park, but was found out when the schoolboard man visited her house. Her mother kept a cane hanging over the mantlepiece but it was there mainly as a deterrent, but this time she felt the full brunt of it as well as the headmaster`s who caned her on the hand. She also mentions regularly being invited into the headmaster`s study for canings on the hand for lateness and not being silent when silence was required.

Catherine Cookson - In her autobiographical memoir, Our Kate, the famous writer talks about her catholic schooldays and her fear of a particular schoolmistress called Miss Corfield. She mentions how Miss Corfield would inflict physical and mental pain, the physical with the assistance of the cane and the mental with sarcasm. She later goes on to explain that the mistress had a 4ft long cane with a frayed tip, caused by use, and she would be told to hold out her hand for usually 3 strokes and sometimes more.

Charlize Theron - On a Q&A on the E-Online celebrity website, the South African actress mentions being spanked by her mother when she misbehaved. She said: "I have a mother who, pardon the expression, kicks my ass if I get out of line. On the other hand, she has always made me feel the sky is the limit. No matter how miserably I failed, she was always there for me. I might fail in a movie, but when it comes to being a real person, I get my sense of respect and dignity from my mother. When I was growing up she never hesitated to spank me if I deserved it, and I feel completely blessed to have been brought up that way. She's my support system and my voice of reason."

In the October 2005 issue of Premier magazine The South African actress once again referred to the strict upbringing she received from mother Gerda, and defended the sound spankings she received for misbehaviour.

The Oscar winner recalled being "Whipped" with whatever was around, most notably wire-hangers`, which left "War wounds" (welts) which she would "show off" to her friends at school.

Premiere magazine (USA) October 2005

Women in Hollywood: Charlize Theron interview page 81 Paragraphs 4, 5 & 6

"There was a certain amount of discipline that came with the way I was raised. You didn`t break things that were not yours; you didn`t wreck a room. My mom and I watch this Nanny 911 show together and I said to her "I'm so calling the authorities on you for how you raised me." Then I think about it and I've got to say there was a boundary that always made me feel safe. I really always knew that from a very very early age - that's wrong and don't you ever do that again. And God I was spanked. I was more than spanked - I was whipped. Definitely (with) whatever was around" "I went to school one time with Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse engraved welts on my thighs from a hanger that my mom grabbed that had all these little Disney cartoon characters cut out in it. It boiled down to respect - my mom was taking care of everything and running a business at the same time and there were never any nannies or anything like that. She was doing laundry and cooking three meals a day and - I remember it so vividly, I came home from school and she said, "Change your uniform before you have lunch." and I was like "Oh I'll just take a quick bite of this tomato soup" And I drizzled it all over. She was busy ironing and she had all the hangers stacked up. It was so quick - a couple of swipes on the thighs. I remember going to school showing off my war wounds to my friends." "I think that that's different than beating a child, which shouldn't happen or spanking a child unnecessarily. But let me tell you at that age I knew I was wrong - because I was for sure not washing my own clothes; my mom was doing that. Then look at the relationship I have with her today. That's a testament for my whole argument right there."

Charlotte Ayanna - In her biography, Lost in the System, on pages 46 & 47, the former Miss Teen USA and American actress, mentions being spanked "really hard" with a paddle on her bare bottom when she misbehaved growing up in foster care.

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Cher - In her book called, The First Time, the American singer/actress mentioned that: "My mother was a spanker." And she recalled an incident when she was told she couldn`t walk her friend home, and decided to walk her to the end of the road instead. Meanwhile her mother had been standing at the door calling her, and when she returned was given "The mother of all spankings."

Corina Ungureanu - In her biography, Begining and end, the Romanian international gymnast said of national head coach Octavian Belu: "I received many spankings from Mr. Belu, but I believe competitive sports require a Spartan education. Belu is one of the best gymnastics coaches in the world and his spankings helped me a lot. It was like an impulse to snap out of my tired and exhausted state."

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Cybill Shepherd - In her biography, Cybill Disobedience, the American actress recalls having to bend over to receive spankings with a belt from her father while growing up.

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Chyna - On The Bryon Show in 1999, the American wrestler - asked whether there was a link between wrestling on TV and violence in society, she rejected it, and added: "We don't claim to be role-models, our major age group is from 18 to 34 years old, and I'll tell you what, when I was young I knew darn well that if I heard "ass" on television that I was not supposed to say that, and if I did I would get spanked on my bottom or I would get grounded. Now we live in a day where if you spank your kid on the butt you're going to get sued."

Cindy Crawford - On the American actress`s Video Diary, ABC Good Morning America, 5th June 1999, a then pregnant Cindy, talking about various aspects of parenthood, including discipline, was asked about discipline at home during her own upbringing, and said: "My mother always said she would wait until she calmed down to punish us because she always said don't make the punishment hard on yourself, too. Don't ground your kid for a month because that means you have to stay home for a month with them. And, you know, as they're littler, it might translate differently. But she would just take that time to count to 10 before the punishment so that it was appropriate and that it was, you know."
"The thing about spanking for us, again, she didn't do it in the moment. She would say go to your room, you're going to get a spanking. And that 15 minutes of waiting for the spanking, that's when you really thought -- it was totally humiliating. It wasn't so much -- she didn't beat us. But it was like that humiliation and the waiting for the punishment. And I think that was the time that you kind of actually really thought about what you did wrong."

(Cindy Crawford Picture)

Connie Booth - In an article in The Daily Mail, January 31 2004, the American actress said of her upbringing in New York, USA, with her mother and father: `You could easily get smacked or spanked.`

Campbell Sisters - In their book, Transparent by Mary Mary, the American singers, Erica & Tina, said the following: Page 8

We were never spanked so hard that we couldn't walk - none of that drama....
I mean I was just straight scared of his (father) wrath and his

Dawn Fraser - The Australian Olympic Gold Medal winning swimmer from Rome 1960 received her first ever spanking with the strap, aged 23, after returning from the Olympics, because her father thought she had become big headed.

In an interview on Enough Rope, with Andrew Denton, August 2004, she explained that after living and training in America, living in luxery and developing an American accent, she became critical of the family home after returning from the Olympics, which still had an outside loo. After getting up one rainy night to go outside she made her feelings clear, much to the annoyance of her father who waited with the strap when Dawn came back into the house. "You think you're too bloody good for this family, and you are now ready to get the first belting you've ever had in your bloody life (her brothers took her spankings for her growing up). Drop your daks and get up to your bedroom and lay there, he said. Dawn added: "I thought, "OK, I can't get out of this one." So I got six straps on the backside."

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Debby Boone - In her biography, Debby Boone So Far, the American singer explains how she and her sisters were spanked on their bare bottoms with a slipper, belt or "Anything that stung" by their father - singer Pat Boone. She also mentions how the sisters would "Compare war wounds" on their backsides in a mirror after they`d been whacked.

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Dolly Parton - The American country singer/actress tells in her biography that she was regularly spanked on her behind with a switch and a belt while growing up at home. She also refers to the threat of getting the paddle, in her own words: "Getting a board across our butts." (Enter for Text From Biography)

In a book called, Glamour Blondes, by David Evans, there was a mention about life on the Partons family farm. It was stated that discipline was rough and readily administered.

When being interviewed on, The South Bank Show, Dolly told interviewer, Melvyn Bragg, "My parents were never abusive, in fact we didn`t get our ass busted nearly as much as we should have. My father, when he did whip us he whipped us a little too hard but it wasn`t like dangerous kind of abuse, but mother, she would just swat and smack and get out of here.

Dorothy Dandridge - In a biographical book about the American actress, her sister recalls their childhood and how their aunt, who they were told to refer to as `Ma-Ma,` was in charge of the discipline and dished out regular spankings. She recalls that, Dottie, was the one who received the most spankings from `Ma-Ma,` which were administered to the buttocks with a hairbrush, sometimes with the flat side and sometimes the bristled side. She also mentions that they were sent to a public school where they were quickly told that if they were late they would be spanked.

Dyan Cannon - In a book called, Carey Grant - A Class Apart, there was a mention about the divorce hearing between Grant and American actress Dyan Cannon. It stated that during the hearing, Dyan said that grant had screaming and shouting episodes, and had spanked her. Also in two other books about Carey Grant it tells that during their divorce proceedings Cannon explained that grant had spanked her in front of their servants.

Denise Welch - During a discussion on smacking on British daytime TV show, Loose Women (September, 2006), the British actress said that she had occasionally smacked her own children and she herself had been smacked growing up. She said: "A smack on the bottom does them no harm, it did me no harm."

Elizabeth Hurley - In an article in The Mirror, 5th August 1999, the English actress mentioned getting the slipper at school.

In a Q&A, Liz, who attended Harriet Costello School, Hampshire, England, late 1970s - early 80s, was asked, which teacher do you recall best. Why? and she replied: "My maths teacher smacked me with a plimsoll."

(Liz Hurley Picture) / (Liz Hurley Picture)

Elizabeth Montgomery - In a Q&A in the TV Radio Mirror, March 1968, the American actress was asked the following (TVRM) By what principals were you raised? What kind of childhood did you have? (EM) I had a very happy and healthy childhood and was spanked quite soundly whenever I deserved it, which was frequently.

Elle Macpherson - During an interview on The Howard Stern Radio Show, the Australian celebrity model said she had her bottom spanked with a hairbrush by her mother for misbehaviour growing up.

Eartha Kitt - In her biography the American actress recalled being spanked numerous times at home while growing up. A switch or an ironing cord was administered to her backside.

Estelle Skornik - The young lady who is well known in the UK for her appearances in a series of TV commercials advertising Renault Clio motor-cars admitted in a magazine interview that at school she was once taken over her teacher`s knee, had her knickers pulled down, and given a bare bottom spanking in front of the entire class.

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Fiona Phillips - The British TV presenter admitted on a chat show and it was also reported in the press that in her schooldays she was often told to bend over and spanked on her backside with the slipper by a schoolmaster.

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The British TV presenter frequently received corporal punishment for misbehaviour at school, applied to her bottom, bent over, with the slipper and the cane. She told Jonathan Ross in an interview in 1997 that she was regularly slippered at school, and in an interview with Education Minister, Alan Johnson, April 2, 2007, she said that she was also regularly caned.

During the interview Mr Johnson said: "I remember receiving some horrible punishments at school." A giggling Fiona replied: "So do I, I was regularly bent over and caned."

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Farrah Fawcett - The American actress received bare bottom spankings with a belt from her strict father James Fawcett when she misbehaved growing up in Texas, USA.

In TV Guide, December 1983 - January 1984 issue, the former Charlie`s Angels star touched on her strict upbringing, and said of her father: `He was a strict disciplinarian. He spanked me many times when I was bad. He would take me into my room, out me across the bed, pull down my pants and hit me with a belt. But then he made a real point of coming in and saying I love you.`

(Farrah Fawcett Pictures)

Faith Evans - In the Mail on Sunday Night & Day magazine, April 17 2005, the American singer, born in Florida and raised by her grandparents Bob & May in Newark, New Jersey, said she was raised in a household of 13 kids, with a lot of strict discipline. She said you were smacked for talking back, and her grandfather would administer an alligator belt to her backside for misbehaviour.

Mail on Sunday Night & Day magazine, April 17 2005

Faith was born to single mother Helene Evans in Florida, but raised by her grandparent Bob & May in Newark, New Jersey. Her mother attempted a singing career, but never really made it. She dipped in and out of her daughter`s life. Faith never knew her father.

She remembers a loving, strict though somewhat dysfunctional childhood. Her grandparents, both devout Baptists, were also foster parents, and at any one time there were 14 people living under a roof more suited to four.

`There were only three bedrooms so my grandfather divided the basement into three seperate little bedrooms and made the back porch into a bedroom,` she says. `They were very strict. We had to go to prayer service and bible study and Sunday school as well as church services. We had to eat together every day and pray in our kitchen on a Sunday morning before breakfast.

`There were some church doctrines that I disagreed with. For example, girls weren`t allowed to wear trousers. But I never saw how that could make you have a bad heart. Also, if the radio was on, my grandparents would say it was "devil music". We`d get smacked for talking back. My grandfather would be the one to take off that alligator belt and beat your behind. Yeah, there was a lot of discipline and lots of things I wouldn`t do to my own children.

`I use discipline sparingly. I don`t beat my children. They`ve had a couple of spankings, but I don`t tell them to pick a branch off a tree to spank them with.

`So they were strict, but with 13 foster kids there was no way of controlling everything that went on in the house.`

(Faith Evans Pictures)

Felicity Kendall - In her biography, Felicity Kendall - White Cargo, the British actress recalls receiving corporal punishment at her convent school in india. She explains how she was made a class prefect and that her position of authority went straight to her head. She would hold meetings and recruit members that during break times would tease and bully some of the children from poorer families that were in different classes and wore different uniform. She goes on to explain that this regretable behaviour was eventually noticed by the staff and she not only suffered the embarrassment of losing her prefects badge, but had to receive several hard strokes to the palm of her hand with a wooden ruler from her teacher in front of her entire class. She said that her teacher was quite rightly livid about it and struck so hard that the ruler broke on the third stroke. She said that the pain was terrible but not nearly as terrible as the humiliation, and mentioned that her appetite for bullying was extinguished after that. Felicity also recalls a couple of punishments she recieved on the domestic scene. She described how her nanny would wash her wig and leave it out to dry in the sun, and she took the wig and ran off with it and her nanny chased her and smacked her bottom for it. She also mentions that the only time her mother lost her temper with her she took a mason pearson hairbrush to her bare bottom, and added that whatever it was she did she didn`t do it again.

Gabby Logan - In an article in The Sunday Telegraph (UK) in 1999 The British TV presenter mentioned being "smacked" by her father, former Welsh international soccer player & coach Terry Yorath, for misbehaviour growing up, and how being the eldest she was often made an example of as far as punishment was concerned.

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Geri Halliwell - In her biography, Geri Halliwell - If Only, the British singer mentioned being spanked by her parents while growing up. She recalled how her father would administer the belt, and her mother would use a wooden spoon or a flip-flop.

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Grace Slick - In the American rock singer`s biography, Somebody To Love, she recalled that if she didn`t get straight A`s on her school report card, her mother would "Beat on my butt about 20 times with the wooden side of a hairbrush." She also added that because they wore so many peticoats in those days it didn`t hurt quite as much as her mother thought.

Grace Jones - In a magazine article, the American singer/actress` brother, Bishop Noel Jones, told how they received regular spankings from their grandparents when growing up with them in Jamaica. He Commented: "Spankings were an almost everyday occurrence, our grandfather used a cane, you`d touch your toes, and then Whack! Whack!

Greta Scacchi - In an article in the Mail On Sunday magazine, 27th October 2002, the Italian actress mentioned being spanked by her father when she misbehaved, and explained how she`d have to lie face down on the sofa for "A good beating" with a carpet beater.

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Gretchen Carlson - During a news item on the issue of corporal punishment in American schools, the Fox News presenter, and former Miss America, was shown a demonstration of a school paddling by a Principal who uses it and one of his pupils. After a fairly light couple of swats, Gretchen commented: "I think it's probably a little harder when you do it for real, right? Any spanking I got growing up was a little bit tougher than that."

Heather Whitestone - In the book, Yes, You Can Heather, written by the former Miss America`s mother Daphne, it explains how Heather was paddled at school and smacked by her mother for misbehaving.

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Honor Blackman - In an article about the British actress, The Daily Mail, July 26 2004, it mentioned her strict upbringing by her father, a former military man, who raised her like a boy, teaching her how to box and administering the belt when she misbehaved.

Hillary Clinton - In the book, Bill & Hillary, it was mentioned that Hillary`s strict father, Hugh Rodham, would frequently administer Corporal Punishment to his daughter. The book also states that Hillary could expect a spanking from her father when he arrived home from work if she`d misbehaved at school, he would say: "if you get in trouble at school, you get in trouble at home".

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