Cheerleader Autopsy (Sub Rosa Studios, USA 2004)

Cheerleaders Paddled By Coach For Being Late For The Bus

The pretty cheerleader winces in anticipation as her coach`s stinging paddle is about to come crashing into her butt.

WHACK! That Hurt! The paddle lands with a searing burn of pain on the sweet girl`s tender buttocks.

OUCH! The cheerleader rises after five stinging swats.

"Hands on the ankles" the next cheerleader gets her orders.

YOW! The gorgeous cheerleader feels the pain as the paddling gets under way.

SWAT! Another blow that will make sitting uncomfortable for this girl afterwards.

This movie starts with a great deal of promise as far as the movie spanking enthusiast is concerned. The coach arrives and gets more and more irritated as the girls fail to show up on time. Meanwhile the girls are in the changing rooms taking their time until one girl gleefully reminds the others that they`re likely to get a paddlng from the coach for being late. The scene then switches showing three of the girls watching another getting paddled, and the bus driver looking on in enjoyment as you hear the swats landing. The final swat is shown before the girl returns to the group.

Then the next girl comes running in but it`s too late, she`s very late and is promptly told: "Hands on the ankles, come on" - and without complaint she complies and flicks her skirt up for six stinging licks.

At that point you would hope that he might have to spank them with his trusty paddle again at some other point in the movie, but unfortunately it doesn`t happen, so the remainder of the movie is of no real interest to the movie spanking fan.

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